Uruguay Legalises Cannabis Bilderberg Group, Brazil, European Commission, FIFA, International Olympic Committee, Montevideo, United Nations And Uruguay

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Ted Obvious reports from Montevideo about recent news that the Uruguayan parliament legalizes cannabis. United Nations think-tanks must be thinking about moving from New York to Montevideo. The United Sates would be upset if the US State Department moved its department to Uruguay though. The Nobel Prize Committee is considering Montevideo to and the hotel tickets are fully booked for Bilderberg Group meetups in May 2014. In Brussels, the European Commission is now perhaps also curious about moving headquarters to Montevideo because of its geolocation and strategic positioning perfect for churning out incubators. FIFA may decide to at the last minute hold the 2014 World cup there instead of Brazil. Its not unusual to see World Cups changed by everyone, it happens everyday no matter what they say, its really not all that unusual. The International Olympic Committee at its emergency session has approved a plan to build permanent facilities for all future Games, to be held in Uruguay. Big change in travel plans and relocations recorded as Uruguay legalises cannabis.

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