Ukraine And The EU Coupe

protests in kiev 2
News from Ted talks in Ukraine An attempted coup backed by the EU. Ted Obvious captures the scoop in Kiev as the protests continue in the Ukraine around the world. In case you have missed the beginning of this story let me fill in the gaps. The people in Ukraine are divided, Brussels EU members have applications for people to join the EU which offer candidates cheaper shopping but will come at a cost of paying into the European Union. The TV news is taking all types of angles of explaining how Europe must be feeling during this difficult time, who should they accept into the new currency. Other countries around the world have been protesting on the topic, with reports that not many of these countries knew why they were protesting, they were perhaps well involved in the counter culture loops. Nearly ten years ago the US and the EU chipped in and invested in the country and bought shares in companies like the worlds biggest steel mill owned by Krivoy Rog and at the same time Viktor Yushenko passed away which brought false accusations against Russian intelligence, the intelligence agencies then revealed this information not to be true and that everyone was alive and well. This post is about the growth of the aristocracy of the UN Security Council, create more employment for people educated in the United Europe over qualified ready to do anything. Revolution' in Ukraine? Looks more like an attempted coup backed by the EU. Revolution' in Ukraine? Looks more like an attempted coup backed by the EU.

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