Politicians And Celebs Swarm The FNB Stadium in Johannesburg

mandela mourners
Ted Obvious is a reporter in Johannesburg, South Africa as the proceedings South African President kicking the bucket. South Africa will never recover from the shock of ‘madiba’, father of the nation, as Mr Mandela is known among some people.

Bill and Hillary Clinton are there and the publicity may help them both run for US presidency again. Barack Obama is also attending the funeral at the Johannesburg’s FNB Stadium and will be reading a tribute to Madiba. 

English: Stadium Nelson Mandela Bay, in Port E...
Thabo Mbeki, will attend a service at the Oxford Shul synagogue. Hotels in Gauteng are fully booked, the public is urged to gather in halls, churches, mosques, temples, synagogues Thirty years away from society and within three years of release received a Nobel Peace prize. And ten years after that became PM too.

Prince Charles is on the Royals invitation list representing the UK and the Jamaican Isles. Labour leader Ed Milibands and Deputy PM Nick Clegg are also going accompanying Dave Cameron, Tony B and G Brown, JM so look forward to more televised political correctness in Johannesburg this week. Big boys of political correctness descend on Johannesburg for some free publicity.

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