Lee Rigby Murders In Woolwich

old bailey
Old Bailey YouTube Trials
The murder of Drummer Lee Rigby filmed on CCTV case is a no brainer, its obvious who did it and as you will find out the expensive trial is a farce. Ben Delicious is outside the Old Bailey highlighting the problems with the British legal system that point to weird rituals of dealing with cases like this. The murder of Lee Rigby a few months ago happened in Woolwich, south-east London, on a busy afternoon in May on a main road where lots of locals were out with their kids shopping. CCTV camera's have footage of the British army  recruit Lee Rigby. The murders on Youtube called themselves representatives of the Muslim brotherhood in Afghanistan though looking at them they look like they are Somalian of Jamaican. Behind the scenes there is a lot of money changing hands from lawyers to media coverage of the trial. People who pay for a TV licence unknowingly are investing in these cases. The question about whether the Muslim terrorism group are what they say they are is something not even worth focusing on. Ben takes what he see's and puts it into more interesting words than what you will read here and yes there is some swearing involved in today's evidence. Should trials like this cost so much money? What does it mean when the juridical system classes cases like these innocent until proved guilty? And more importantly do you know where you TV licence annual or weekly fee's are going? Find out all the juicy details over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Alleged killers of Drummer Rigby', they say. They were filmed doing it, you morons!

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