Welfare For Dave In Afghanistan

Iain Duncan Smith in the Commons Bed Delicious talk about welfare reform ID Smith and  Nelson Mandela. In this talk Ben makes a comparison with a US President Barack Obama speech and South African President Jacob Zuma speach who on the same day said similar things but the way they were said had different effects on the crowds. The talk then goes in reform pitches in the UK by Iain Duncan Smith   and takes an inside look into how 10 Downing Street go about making decisions on topics like these. If you like political speeches and like to be entertained about what is going on around the world then I am sure you will like todays post because it also includes the latent effects of speakers like Tony Blair . When you get chance take a look at Ben's conclusions about this topic and find out more about up and coming speeches by PM Cameron and many more as well as the next big topics that everyone will be talking about for example fake IDS is one topic that Ben singles out in today's STi Talk.

white hart lane mandela  Ben Delicious has a flash message about Tottenham  Hotspur’s sentiments on the passing of Nelson Mandela and asking questions about how fans feel about the transfer of Andre Villas-Boas. Also there is some news from insider Toby Young  and a potential new football manager. They also talk about the concerns of the political ex wife Winny during this difficult time. In todays article read all about White Hart Lane, Qunu and a game last month with Man City. Contrastingly read all about the news from North London the Emirates team and how they feel about the football and political news.

david cameron afghanistan  British Prime Minister David Cameron in Afghanistan tell British troops they can be proud of government. Michael Owen, who showed him around Camp Bastion where locals still remember Windsor who taught them to drink whiskey.The Taliban will be taking over from them having been schooled in the art of BRitish Intelligence. Taliban propaganda is still very real and the best team to deal with these problems now are Afghanistan themselves.The Afghan army  have just under half a million people who are schooled in dealing with any risks from the Al Qaeda and Taliban suicide missions.Meanwhile  back here in Britain the English FA have said everything worth saying about the decisions to pull out. Ed Miliband and dad Ralf did not think Britain was ready to pul out and that troops were better of staying employed in Afghanistan instead of returning home and trying to make it here as unemployment continues to rise.