Human Rights Beijing And China

Chinese PM Keqiang
China right now is a leading location to go for business networking, Dave and the gang are going out there soon to represent Britain, hopefully they come back with some great notes. Anton Goryunov is in Beijing in preparation for more British trading, human rights and Beijing's Chinese capital. The scoop seems to be about the Prime Minister David Cameron a businessmen and politician who is no stranger to liaising with people all around the world. Dave British PM may have to hold back this week on talking about humans rights in Beijing has created a storm in a tea cup bone China. The Chilcot report on the war in Iraq is a topic again that for all the tea in well you get the picture, go over and read the article in full, I am sure you will be amazed. This is the stuff that keeps people up all night on a plane. If you a big fan of what's going on and like a few lumps of sugar in your tea check out what is being served this week over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Tony Blair has developed a new way of communicating with China, business is changing and with the right tools you can maximise your chances of getting by, whether you are B2B or BBC you can get the latest and greatest info on what goes where about you know who in places like Britain in the world of Chinese selling financial services. If your a big fan of the Yen and find yourself counting Chinese money and pleased about Japan getting the 2020 Olympics then make a Stand and take a look over Human Rights In Beijing, if this does leave you feeling chained to railings then nothing will. Dave takes a principled stand on human rights in Beijing by not mentioning them.

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