A Helpful List To Play Spot the Ball

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Toto-ticket 1966 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Here is a helpful list of things to do when playing spot the ball. Before we go into the tips first lets look at the challenges, the odds are you are probably trying to make something out this research, before we go into that and share the things that help you identify where it might be first lets take a look at what maybe going on behind the scenes before you just let the machines decide for you.

      Spot betting and spot fixing on football games is in the spotlight again. So what is a spot bet and which sports work best with these types on investments and more importantly should you or should you not take notes? Adam Lovejoy shares his understanding in todays sports entry from London. Adam focuses on footballers, explains spot betting and gives a few tips on how to spot the ball by reading the news.Today's story is about tabloid news this week about spot betting football. The industry has taken a knock in Europe and like the National Lottery people are always wondering how they can win where the odds of winning without a formula are actually quite thin. In the search for solutions some theories are out there which may help you understand about winning and the trails and tribulations that this is having in the sports industry, from sponsorships to looking at the photograph and trying to figure out where the ball might be at any given time.

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Helpful list for spot the ball (#STi Dec)

  The National Crime Agency, the FBI in the US has come up with some interesting ways of trying to figure out where the ball might be at any given time and devised a way of spotting if anything has been photoshopped or anything like this. It was only a matter of time before the rest of the world took heed. Also one other way of reducing the odds are by focusing on the players, looking at the kickbacks and questioning there every step on the possible match fixing process. 

     The obvious challenges were the weather conditions, the size and type of the ball used, the type of grounds the game is played on, a good understanding of the stadium, the height and styles of players, the time of year and how well they are doing that year. Who do you choose, who do you think is most likely to score a goal and from which angle. The coach is known to give good instructions but on the day its down to the players and good team work.  And its not just football any game with a ball can be spot checked for example cricket in India is very popular and predicting the trajectory of the ball is becoming easier as indeed the ability to submit the forms to try and win cash. Breaking News: Six held in football 'fix' probe (crosbyherald). 

The Betting industry as a whole has been given the nod, its a great way of making money, more and more betting shops are filling up and the high street continues to be a great place for people to hang around. Spot betting with the Internet has also taken a format. You can read all about the ways spot betting is in the spot light and which newspapers are predicting what every week and where about's to find these helpful items of taking part over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Spot betting in football comes into the spotlight. in a very stupid way.

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