Greed And Envy Create Coups

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Adam Lovejoy is in Kiev eating chicken with the European Union the US, Ukraine sharing notes on napkins about Europe and many people of Britain, and Brussels are asking the question about what if and how does this effect me. Currently Ukraine is experiencing challenging ideas of coups from German foreign minister and Lithuanian politicians who have a number of suggestions for Kiev citizens to think about.

     The EU at Vilnius made a big impression on the The US and the Moslem Brotherhood are the next lot to get some attention. So with that said I have taken a look at the archives online and compiled some interesting moments in time that supports what is being said in today's article published today over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

     Here is a summary of three interesting articles from around the world to show the objectivity and compile a bit more data about where we are today with information that explains revolutions, coups and how greed and envy is always something in the back of peoples minds when making these decisions. More importantly how getting the right people to share their points of view, bearing in mind that a lot of this information although objective as far as reporting goes in from the countries themselves that this article concerns.

For example Mark Sleboda, Senior Lecturer and Researcher, International Relations Department, MSU mentions American interventionism prior to the end of Cold War that peaked and ended with George Bush. The irony here is that US foreign policy ideas are now very similar to that of the Soviet Union fifty five cents to forty five years ago. 

     The Middle East also influenced by US measurements in place that changed the way the Arab Spring went about approaching politics. Mark then wrote about Russia, Ukraine and the United Kingdom Independence Party, who at that time were trying to align themselves with what they called a federal Europe which was basically a counter culture movement in Britain that got enough press to be worth mentioning earlier last year. 

That is one reason he thought the United Nations and the UN Security Council were coming together to try and stop any unnecessary Coups from misinformation or ill-informed messages travelling from one continent to another. 

VoR Live Panel: "revolutions" - a Boon or a Curse?

Baba Ould Cheikh said of the area that parliament votes for constitutional amendments making PM accountable and outlawing any revolutions, coups greed and envy. Moktar Ould Daddah 45 years ago in the area helped the military out with red tape, legislation and the wannabe putschists could then receive military school punishments avoiding any unnecessary greed and envy in Mauritania. in Mali, former Senegalese Foreign Minister Cheikh Tidiane Gadio mentions coups and how these types of revolutions cause problems in the Borough of Africa. Four years ago General Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz left the armed forces to go into politics which shows how closely and effectively this merger went between the state and military infrastructures.

Mauritania outlaws coups d'├ętat

Belarus and Russia Independence Day military parade outlined a number of expectations of the people to avoid any confrontations at the mid half of this year according to the Russian Times. It is reported that Aleksander Lukashenko said the joint military grouping of Russia and Belarus was successfully operating in East Europe air defense system and the Union State Belarusian members approved this message too.

Lukashenko and Putin 

Lukashenko and Russian military marched together back in July and a speach was made about Belarus people and a ‘color revolution’ coup in a hope of avoiding any greed or envy in the area.

Lukashenko vowed to oppose foreign threats and color revolutions.

While Syria's army cold war, alternated between Saudi Arabia and Egypt, the UAE and Morocco and a lot of lives were lost from these revolutions coups, greed and envy ensued. Arabs from UAE and the Guff stable free countries able to adjust to change but welcomed reform. Arab Spring with ruling elites championing at the time promises of powerful political change and the outskirts of Syria; Algeria, Lebanon and Iraq who were perhaps ill-educated on the changes that were happening in the area at that time earlier this year.

With this came Geographical change on all parts and the maps axis brought more questions about Muslim Brothers, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Justice and Development Party in Turkey which spearheaded what we understand as political Islam's cone of power. From an article earlier last year published in March 2012 about Arab states redraw the map of alliances after revolutions by UAE journalist Jamal Khashoggi labelled Arab states redraw the map of alliances after revolutions.

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