Tributes To Mandela And England’s Chances In Brazil

obama mandela
Dan Majestic reports from Washington: So now we know. The late former South African President Nelson Mandela.  He was South African born on July 18th 1918 anti-apartheid and politician who was President of South Africa between 1994 and 1999. Yep, that’s what US President Barack Obama has read for the notes in front of him. The design is reminiscent of the tribute Apple made for Steve Jobs. The thinking process manifests itself on his face. As in: how do I string this sentence together! Obama tribute to Mr Mandela President of South Africa and President Zuma. Reading The Script. Politicians reading their tributes to Mandela from the script

football fan outrage
Gregg Dyke England's chairman does not rate England football A team in Brazil because a couple of things. Ben Delicious is in Costa do Sauipe in Brazil where England and  the rest of the qualified nominee's at next years 2014 World Cup. Some countries of interest are Italy, Costa Rica plus our own English Football Association. Roy Hodgson mentioned a few things about future proceedings with teams like Chile in Twenty Fourteen. Finals are shown on the screen after the draw was made at the Costa do Sauipe resort in Sao Joao da Mata where the challenge will really heat up.  Heat, humidity and long-distance travelling. These are the issues England will face at the 2014 and will be playing its first match with Italy in the city of Manaus that boasts temperatures in high thirties. Brazil will face perhaps the most dangerous and expensive trip of their lives. The mayor of the Brazilian city of Manaus says England will not be welcome during the World Cup because coach Roy Hodgson said the jungle city is the place to be avoided. They earn so much money in the Premiership that they just can’t force themselves to make an effort. Gregg Dyke sums up England's chances in Brazil with one gesture. English fans aren't amused.

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