Celebs Plugging Stuff On Social Media

More on the topic of celebs who plug stuff watch. Ted Obvious reports from Rome: All you mugs about celebs who's  sole purpose is to plug stuff.  Celebs Plugging Chinese Brands businesses for celebrities from the West looking for endorsement cash without overexposure, Asia has long been an obvious destination. That last one is the most dangerous bit of all because in order to keep their public profile high. Celebs are faking it otherwise we would have them dying like flies of alcoholism and drug overdoses cast your votes now and help your favourite win.

Celebrity Solstice
Celebrity Solstice (Photo credit: artnbarb) Another eventful year means another year of celebs who hit rock bottom who actually believe every stupid word that is said or written about celebs, copy their idols, becoming hooked on booze and drugs and casual sex. They get paid millions of dollars, but they're also under an extreme amount of pressure to look and act perfect at all times. It’s the worshipping bit that is important to them, the sense of belonging to a group of like-minded people who share their fascination with some unremarkable actor or actress or pop star or model telling the whole world about it on Twitter. Stylish stars made us shake our heads this weekIt’s a waste of column inches by people who should have been in catering or retail or some other more challenging job. Celebrity worship is an addiction of sorts, a form of paganism. Celebs their sole purpose is to plug stuff.

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