Typhoon TV News Spying And The F Word

TV News Channels Run Repeats Posted on 2013/12/01 tv news channels run repeats Adam Lovejoy talking from London in an entry on website Stirring Trouble Internationally about news channels and how they should run repeats. Here’s a great way for TV news to cut costs the savings could run into tens and even hundreds of millions. TV news channels run repeats about Gordon Brown which is very odd. News reflecting over Saddam Hussein, Tony Blair and David Cameron would go down a treat a no one watching would notice that it was all just a rewrite, a repeat of what has just been said elsewhere. It would be no problem showing Chancellor George Osborne . Or take US President Barack Obama getting that dodgy Nobel Peace Prize. So running repeats of the EU gatherings would be very easy Nicolas Sarkozy’s back, the chancer. Why don’t TV news channels run repeats from previous years. To cut costs. Posted in television, Barack Obama, David Cameron, George Osborne, News program, Nicolas Sarkozy, Nobel Peace Prize, Saddam Hussein, Tony Blair Using The F-Word Sparkle Posted on 2013/12/01 f-wordDan Majestic reports from New York a point when most people can’t even use the F-word properly. I personally blame Hollywood for influencing young people in this way. The swear words like the C-word and other forms of verbal abuse are losing there sparkle.Who needs this sort of attitude. Skills generating good quality verbal abuse like piece of shit, shagging the kid of analyse you’d find on a David Attenborough show looking at the human species. Using the f-word properly. And keeping its sparkle intact. Posted in Satire, David Attenborough, entertainment, Health, Hollywood, media, New York, news, Profanity, Verbal abuse, Youth. News From Around The World Of Spying More news from around the world of spying. Ted Obvious is in Ottawa sending via telegraph in morse code the data. The Watchers from around the world of spying will be rubbing their heads together celebrating Thanks Giving. The US Big Brother holidays are upon us again and the allies in North America full of joy are happy that everything went according to the plan. The latest revelation concerns the US National Security Agency getting permission from the Canadian government to spy on the world leaders paid of and its only a matter of time before the next phase begins. Find out what those potential phases are over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. The news from around the world of spying is that they’d been during this G8 and G20 gatherings in Canada two years ago setting the scene for this years Summit and it looks like the whole thing is run from Washington they may even be considering joining the EU. As expected, the office of that fiercely independent man, Canadian red flag of the maple leaf and the stars and stripes of the United States, salute and celebrate together, Thanks Giving is the season for everyone to celebrate. Unusually Canadian’s are usually not partisan to such organised meetings and its little wonder Prime Minister Stephen Harper has not commented on this new information. Canada and the G8 the Big Eight have been negotiating with USA Washington team keeping tabs on what is going on for about five years or more. This is the latest news from around the world of spying. More exciting news from the world of spying. That’s US big brother spying on others. Posted in Around The World | Tagged: Canada, Communication Security Establishment Canada, entertainment, Espionage, media, National Security Agency, news, Ottawa, Stephen Harper, United States, Washington Typhoon Relief Effort In The Philippines Posted on 2013/11/30 typhoon haiyan Anton Goryunov reports from Manila: It always happens like that. News coverage, appeals for money are issued and then it all falls quiet. Which brings me to the typhoon that had struck the Philippines only a few weeks ago but has already been forgotten by now. Big things happen in the follow-up periods of Mother Nature showing who’s the boss. Haiti anyone? un headquarters The mere fact that it was the United Nations that was, and still is, overseeing the relief effort in the Philippines. This is the same UN that had some of its officials involved in post-war Kosovo and screwing up with the Arab Spring and misusing money in Haiti in 2010 and the tsunami in 2007. International efforts to cope with the aftermaths of natural disasters has become normal to announce. In an ideal world relevant law enforcement agencies should be investigating anyone who has any connection to the relief effort from the word go. Related articles Not Much Interest These Days In The Post Typhoon Relief Effort In The Philippines, Is There? (stirringtroubleinternationally.com) US military relief effort for Philippine typhoon winding down (stripes.com) How Much Money Did Atheists Raise for Disaster Relief After Typhoon Haiyan? (patheos.com) Orphans in Philippines speak of typhoon’s horrors (news.yahoo.com) Kim Yu-na donates $100,000 for Philippines typhoon relief (koreaherald.com) Philippines typhoon: How to donate to Typhoon Haiyan relief efforts (thestar.com) Bangladesh Navy ship loaded with relief goods for Ć¢€˜YolandaĆ¢€™ victims due Friday (newsinfo.inquirer.net) Philippines Typhoon Victims: How to Help and Where to Donate (people.com) Generous Britons raise incredible £23 million in 48 hours for Philippines typhoon appeal (express.co.uk) Posted in Around The World | Tagged: Arab Spring, entertainment, Haiti, Kosovo, Law enforcement agency, Manila, media, Mother Nature, news, Philippine, United Nations. |

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