Stirring Trouble Internationally Happy New Year holidays 2013

Adam Lovejoy is in Copenhagen: What is it exactly that PM David Cameron and the ConLibDem coalitions economic Britain.The Centre for Economic and Business Research from the Copenhagen Business School says Britain if it joins the EU can become the biggest economy in Europe. North Korea has enjoyed better GDP growth than Britain. George Osborne responded by mentioning some interesting figures, smiled and turned on the academic approach to reacting to these announcements. Find out more about the British monarchy Dave Cameron elections and the challengers UK IP in a bid to win power in a very liberalised Europe that includes Britain one way or another. Read more…

Adam Lovejoy reports from London about football and the matches in most of Europe. Find out more about spot betting, and read about hard times and match fixing. Discover and intuitive way of spotting illegal betting syndicates and find out more about how to navigate between football clubs around the world. Investigations into match fixing and how it is upsetting people in the football industry. Read more>>

Dan Majestic satirical comments from Washington about the latest updates from the US National Security Agency and how the NSA who have strangely spied on all different types of people, helping other agencies all around the world tap into conversations. On the legal policies and paperwork Dan has a look through what William H. Pauley III announced recently that these implemented measures were to stamp out al Qaeda conversations. Also take a good look at the Richard J. Leon conversations where he said US Big Brother must have a a great sense of humour if it thinks it can tune into any conversation or mention of these sorts of things.

“As you will imagine the people only care about what US President Barack Obama has to say on the matter since without him America could simply collapse and he made some funny jokes about the agencies all coming together too.”
Dan O’Majestic, London, UK
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Ben Delicious in London summarises the article in the Sunday Times this weekend about Chancellor George Osborne. It is an interesting read about Boy George, the Office of National Statistics and UKIP. A New Year humorous and witty post made by the Deputy Editor of the Sunday Times this weekend whereby George Osborne is nominated man of the month. Read more…

Ted Obvious reports from London about a Public Health warning in England this week. It is an advertising campaign targeted at smokers in a bid to hopefully move them into playing computer games by capturing the attention of their viewers with graphic violence. Usually an anti-smoking advertisement shows what a cigarette can do in the lungs propped up by Public Health statistics to show that they mean business. This advert will keep Big Brother happy for a short what while but what about the others, you know the people who are struggling with other things, find out over on Stirring Trouble internationally. Read more…

Anton Goryunov in Moscow talks about the social issues a drink can have compared to having sex. This case study takes a look at Charlie Sheen who coined the social media term #Winning! Sensible binge drinkers are a different kettle of fish and the shit they do is different. The topic of Dope comes up and Anton Goryunov shares his points of view about his experience of life in the UK and life there in Moscow.

The solutions recommended in todays post revolve around DIY and manual labour as a solution for anyone who find things getting out of control and reminders readers that Drinking is not the only option.

He explains as a consumer about an Alcoholic beverage and uses current trends like Charlie Sheen in his comparisions about what is happening in Moscow. Todays article also examines the drink, and looks through the lens of an empty pint glass and opens the lid on Binge drinking, Do it yourself, Manual labour and all kinds of interesting stuff.

News from London about the White House Politician leaders and different sides of the coin in Fleet Street, how they write about 10 Downing Street, news from Élysée Palace and how MSNBC do a similar thing.

In todays post we look at the lawmaker, the senator, the boss, the chieftain, the democrat, the grandstander, the orator, the partisan , the congressperson, the handshaker, the servant, the statesperson and the whistle-stopper. Fleet Street, in London: Now that politicians.

Fifi Kwetey has explained that politicians are not responsible for the increase in the wage bill. (ModernGhana.com)
The hacks that challenge are defined as a demagogue they include being the agitator, or a fanatic, the firebrand that contradicts all brands, they act as a fomenter and get called a haranger, come across as a hothead. The incendiary the inciter, a good inflamer of topics, the wicked instigator, the politician and demagogue have similar interests. They are the rabble-rouser, the radical or rebel in a sense they are revolutionary and a bit of a troublemaker.

The senior UKIP politician who was caught on camera saying Britain should not send aid to “Umbongo land” has walked out of a Channel 4 interview. (ITV.com)

The sycophant person who caters to another adulator and backscratcher, the backslapper, a bit of a brownnoser, someone who decides not to be a doormat, a raving fan the flatterer, a flunky, considered a groupie, the hanger-on, a lackey, the minion, come across as a parasite, a politician puppet or slave.

The executive at the executive mansion at the residence of the White House, 10 Downing Street or the Elysée Palace delivering breaking news annul clamp down crack down and question they invalidate and overrule repeal rescind reverse revoke aside squelch undo vacate veto void abrogate discharge dissolve kill negate overthrow vitiate black out bottle up cork up declare null and void hush up put damper on put the lid on, shut down, about things like Watergate advertise.

The Syrian Electronic Army has breached the official blog of Channel 4, the popular British public-service television broadcaster. The hackers have published a screenshot to demonstrate that they’ve gained administrator access to Channel 4′s WordPress blog dashboard. (Softpedia.com)

So now you know more about hacks on the world wide web in London, the White House who talk about the Politician, you will find them in Fleet Street or waiting outside 10 Downing Street, in France its the Élysée Palace people living in America get it from MSNBC All In It Together.