The EU Elections Boycott

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If you are in the UK against the EU Boycott elections seems to be the immediate answer to that one. Adam Lovejoy covers the story from London: This one is for all the people out there, including members and supporters of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) a supposed Eurosceptic right-wing populist political party with a European style designed manifesto from the school of UK Frankfurters. European Union interfering in Britain’s internal affairs: if you object to the EU being a political entity, which it actually became illegally, extra £10bn to the European Union over the next five years elections to the European parliament? Europe and the EU trade pact run by unelected commissars which is inline with anti-EU causes. UKIP European parliament, getting paid something like 120 grand working ‘against the EU’ from within UKIP rap tunes hailing Nigel Farage saying its no mirage, Farage making it seem cool, hmm. It opposes the EU pretending victories in elections is important in Europe. The Europarliament is totally irrelevant compared to the federal Europe project, any elections are pointless. If UKIP as a party opposed to the EU an economic and political union of 28 member states going to launch a massive campaign to get more of its members elected to the Europarliament The European Commission fines eight banks, RBS - a total of 1.7bn euros said to be rigging interest rates. The European Parliament employs about 6000 officials and other staff from the EU Member States, many of them community officials just like they did in that film V where 'The Others' get nothing out of the deal. UKIP voters in two years time will hopefully see through the PR stunt and bring questions about whether they have a plan and know what they are doing. The plan for Eurosceptics that remains is to boycott elections in Brussels or hope that no one turns up for the elections with EU Founders: France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Netherlands and Germany. Media is helping the EU so they are one step ahead for the 2015 against the EU boycott elections. If you're against the EU then you should boycott elections to the European parliament
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