North Korea - Don't Bet On Change. Put Your Money On The Backroom Uncle.

The cocktail circuit is looking for a new deal in Pyongyang. However, it is style over substance. Real change will take decades.


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Lose Aleppo And The Writing Is On The Wall For The Al Assad Regime

Aleppo is the commercial heart of Syria. The regime cannot afford to lose it. Much blood will flow before a victor emerges.


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Billy Elliot – The Production Of The Decade

Billy Elliot is more than a musical. It brings to life the hard existence of people. Go and see it.


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Of La-La Land Economics And Silly Stats And Credit Ratings

George Osborne
La-La Land Economics by Ben Delicious
Well, George is at it again. Doing la-la economics.
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Welcome to ‘Stirring Trouble‘ today’s audio Feed is from one of our authors in London. The article is about the real world of economics and the pretty dismal shape its in at the moment and the solutions on offer these days to improve credit ratings.
Author Ben Delicious takes a good look at the and revives the story with the news in from London.
Ben writes:
The fine men and women from the credit agencies, who have managed to miss practically all calamities in the past including the biggie, the financial meltdown of 2008 even though the writing was on the wall for years, have now flexed their muscles again and have given their verdict on Britain’s credit rating, keeping it a cool AAA. Despite, I hasten to add, the small matter of the British economy having one of the fiercest recessions in recent memory.
Yes, the lads and lasses from Standard & Poor ratings agency have confirmed their authority and sharp instincts by confirming Britain’s triple ‘A’ credit rating, opening all sorts of mouthwatering possibilities for the government to borrow even more money cheaply while claiming that it is successfully battling the budget deficit and the national debt generally. (So that you know, the UK national debt officially stands at just over £1 trillion, but with all the hidden extras like pension black holes and liabilities under private finance initiatives is closer to £5 trillion.)
Although it is still unclear how exactly SP came to its conclusion about Britain’s strong financial worthiness Chancellor George Osborne, who is facing calls to step down for his handling of the economy, has been quick to do a celebratory song and dance, claiming among other things that the world still has confidence in Britain. George provided some very strange lyrics for his songs though saying that the budget deficit has fallen by a quarter and that employment was rising and more than 800,000 new jobs were created, without mentioning how many jobs have folded and how many people are without work. He also sang that Britain is now exporting more to the world than is the rest of Europe. Yep, that is how it is in la-la land economics: Britain is going through a recession and still manages to outstrip all of Europe, including the mighty Germany, when it comes to exports. (Men in white coats, you better keep a close eye on George.)
The great thing about la-la land economics is that you can make any sorts of statements you want and quote any sorts of figures you desire, as long as you manage to keep a straight face and not burst out laughing.
You can read the full article simply by clicking the image, this will take you to Stirring Trouble Internationally.

China's Rate Of Economic Growth Has Slowed Down. Despite The Rosy Official Stats

Chinese growth rates are declining. Investment has to be cut back to improve living standards, social care and education. Tension is in the air.


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After The Olympic Opening Ceremony Comes The Boring Part - The Games Themselves

Lots of people in London are enjoying the Olympic races. The female participation has been brilliant both with the races and sports. Lots of women still carry the flame for this type of stuff, there is nothing boring about the London Olympics and its all been done in the best possible taste.
The Olympic ceremony as already mentioned by Thomas Mathew was in-fact a good old Pagan ceremony. They used the tree's as an ode to the druids and the sizzling rings as an ode to alchemy and perhaps a reminder of the decline in British metals in places like Sheffeild. Every country took part in the ritual and those who did not use the correct uniform have or 'will' soon be banned from participating in this years London 2012 Olympics rituals.

Watching the womens swimming two days ago in Hyde Park was really good and waiting for Will Young to sing on stage was about as amazing as the way Mr Bean Rowan Atckinson reached for his refreshments. Today the womens Judo was great another contact sport worth watching. I have been studying favourites that people are dying to watch live and on telly. Some of these and yes it may have even been you on your blog: Archery, shooting, weightlifting and water volleyball. Not all of these are just done by women of course.

Just a final note on the decisions made about the uniforms that people should be wearing at the Olympics and the reasons why there is no room for this type of thing ie hijabs or turbans anything that effects the game or gives the competitors a hidden advantage should be stopped. If I was to walk into an olympic cue with a motorbike helmet on I would I'm sure be turned away at the door. A final subnote about Hyde Park, if you are going, great the big screen is really good and the music is free but please do not bring a packed lunch or go shopping before attending. Anything you do have will be put in the bin after searching so be mindful of this. Don't get caught out!
The opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics was a celebration of Britishness. With all the huge talents gathering together.


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The Infighting At The Top In China Continues. And It Worries A Lot Of People

Стирринг Троубле Интернатионалли Гу Лаилаи Подцаст 
Судебный процесс по делу Гу Kailai не о ней. Она направлена ​​на дальнейшее опозорить Бо Силай, бывший ярким высоким летчика. Коммунистическая политика может быть безжалостным. Суд над женой одним из лучших партийных боссов огромный позор для китайского руководства. Это происходит только за несколько месяцев до 18-го съезда Коммунистической партии, которые увидят выборы семи новых членов из девяти человек постоянный комитет политбюро. Если бы вещи прошли гладко, Бо Силай стояли очень хорошие шансы на избрание одного из новых членов.
The trial of Gu Kailai is not about her. It is aimed at further disgracing Bo Xilai, the former flamboyant high flyer. Communist politics can be ruthless.
via stirringtroubleinternationally.coм Welcome to STI Ltd Stirring Trouble Internationally podcast automated podcast for the blind. 
Gu Suhua writes from Beijing: The infighting at the very top of the Chinese leadership continues. And it worries a lot of people, in China and beyond.


Turkey Is Bound To Invade Syria. It's Not A Question Of If But When And How

Turkey has the right to intervene in Syria according to a mutual treaty. The international coalition may follow. But this will merely be the prelude to further fighting in Syria.

"Brigadier Manaf Tlas, one of the high ranking defectors, is calling on all officers and soldiers to desert the regime.


He sees himself as the new Bashar al Assad. Herein lies a problem for Turkey and the anti-Syrian coalition. BASHAR AL ASSAD, BRIGADIER MANAF TLAS, FREE SYRIAN ARMY, REFUGEES, SYRIA, TURKEY."

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George And The Gang Watch The British Economy Burn

George and the Gang British Economics
George and the Gang

Transcript of audio

So the British economy is shrinking. By Adam Lovejoy in the Topic Angry Rants over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

Adam Lovejoy asks the question what has happened to the economy? Adam Lovejoy writes from London: You can’t make it up really.

First comes the announcement that the British economy dips 0.7 per cent in the second quarter of the year, third time in a row, and then the government announces that it is holding an InvestmentSummit on the eve of the useless Olympic Games that would add substantially to the national debt burden, hoping – wait for it – to convince foreign big business to invest over £1 billion into industry. And the day before Chancellor George Osborne tells wide eyed hacks that a relentless focus on the economy is needed, as if he was prevented from doing that by forces beyond his control.

And if you add to this some other crazy goings on like the bank of England blowing £375 billion of newly printed money on quantitative easing, as techniques that was invented to help banks get out of trouble while presenting it as an attempt to save the whole economy, you will be getting a taste of the la-la land economics that are practiced by George and the gang.
You have been listening to an extract of Stirring Trouble Internationally.  Via stirringtroubleinternationally.com
«Deep Sea Delta», boreplattform, her i Nordsjøen
«Deep Sea Delta», boreplattform, her i Nordsjøen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not A Good Time To Die During The Olympics. And Drive Around As Well

Taking a sceptical look at the London Olympics. It's not a good time to die or drive around.


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Afghanistan, Iraq And Libya Are Not Exactly Great Examples Of The Effectiveness Of Western Interference

Iraq is a bloody mess and getting worse by the day. Afghanistan is the same. And so is Libya.
 Why is it that the West gets it all wrong all the time? via stirringtroubleinternationally.com


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The Poor Leading the Poor Into Euro Crisis

How credit agencies can throw the markets off course. Get rid of them and let’s go back to personal judgment.

Registered under BANKING, ECONOMY, MOODY'S, STANDARD AND POOR read more to learn more check us


 out on Google Currents for the best web application ever.

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If Tax Havens Did Not Exist They Would Have Be Invented To Permit The Rich To Keep Their Wealth

Tax havens were invented by Britain and America. It is natural, if you are rich, to keep as much of it as possible.
So despite all the rhetoric about being immoral, tax havens are here to stay.
Relevant taxonomy
For more details go to stirringtroubleinternationally.com


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Joe Biden Visits Kids At Summer Camp, Trivializes Parents' Success

Mark Donahue writes from Baltimore: During a fundraising expedition in Maryland over the weekend, Vice President Biden stopped at a summer camp a few miles outside Baltimore and visited with dozens of kids aged 5 to 13 years old.


The children were visibly excited to share part of their afternoon with Joe Biden thanks to the Red Bull and Sugar free cookies. Read on - stirringtroubleinternationally.com


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How Come No One’s Interested In The Trial Of Khmer Rouge Leaders?

Why is the world media ignoring the trial of Khmer Rouge leaders who were responsible for the deaths of two million Cambodians? Has it something to do with the fact that the Khmer Rouge were communists?


Read more from original source via stirringtroubleinternationally.com News around the world from Cambodia to Pol Pott.

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Developing World On The Move, Competing Successfully With The Industrialised One

The developing world is growing and accounting for more and more of global consumption. By 2030 it will be half. Tough times ahead.

To continue reading ... stirringtroubleinternationally.com  Tags: automotive industry, Cars, China, India

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Is the Old Syria now dead? Podcast #STI #StirringTroubleInternationally

Time’s Ripe for a Syria Made up of Autonomous Regions Mustafa Amin from Damascussends his report from Syria.
Find out three things that keep Syria busy.  Expatriates and insurgents, find out more about what they are saying the psychology of war in situations like Syria.
Is the Syria we once knew now dead?
Is the Syria we once knew now dead?
Find out the basics of what happened between 1975 and 1990 between Sunni‘s, Shias and Christians to help you understand a bit better what is happening in Alawi. 
You see Alawi is a location in Syria that has been affected by the current troubles. The troubles mentioned as you will find out are not just the same in indifference as Syria they’re also indifference in European history. 
Mustafa compares the two, this is about language can you guess which region and which language. By reading the full article you will be able to get a better understanding of just what is going on. You may also be interested in the relationships between Russia and China this is something that is a special bonus within this sensitive article.
So let’s get on with the original article: here is what Mustafa Amin said today. The Old Syria Has Died.
English: Bank Al-Sharq (Banque Libano-Français...


They Say David Cameron Wants To Be Another Tony Blair. Odd, Considering That Tony Was Rubbish As PM

Are You Afraid Of A Recession? Lehman brothers The definition of a recession
Cameronism recession, Blairism and Thatcherism.
As a result of the slow down, more people will be put out of work and if you happen to be one of the unlucky ones, you should take this time to assess who you are and then shift to another career. Some may take the opportunity to go to graduate school because it is not enough these days to just have a graduate degree.

If you still have a job but need more money to put on the table, consider getting a second job.

You can also try scrounging around for cash by selling some old stuff or by trading in your car if what you have at home is an SUV because this vehicle consumes more gas than compact cars.
But a recession is not always bad. There is a silver lining that some of us fail to notice and you can take advantage of it.
For instance, whenever the country is in recession, the federal government announces a cut in interest rates allowing you to borrow money at a lower interest rate. You also get tax rebate from theIRS.
This is the best time to buy stocks, bonds and property if you have excess cash lying around. If you choose to go on a shopping spree, make sure that these investments will pay off in the long term so you may double or even triple what you initially shelled out.

Another benefit is that you may also get an increase in your retirement account limits.

David Cameron is not his own man – he is trying to be Tony Blair II. Since Tony was a failure, Cameron is on the path to oblivion.stirringtroubleinternationally.com
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Recession study 2
Recession study 2 (Photo credit: Photogrammaton)

Tony Blair: ‘The West is asleep on the issue of Islamist extremism’ (telegraph.co.uk)
Tony Blair admits Labour didn’t fully understand complex financial sector(guardian.co.uk)
Stop aping Blair and learn modernising from Mrs Thatcher’s traditional style, Lord Lawson tells PM (dailymail.co.uk)
Lord Lawson’s advice to Osborne: give up the strategy and focus on your job(guardian.co.uk)
George Osborne must concentrate on the economy, says Lord Lawson(telegraph.co.uk)

About Gay Pride. And Other Pride As Well

About Gay Pride. And Other Pride As Well
About Gay Pride. And Other Pride As Well

Confessions of a Gay official who dressed up in the official uniform at the Gay pride in San Diego.

Love Advice Relationship Problems Dont Have To Be Hard To Solve

It is one of the main topics of love advice: relationship problems. In fact, with all the tips and hints out there, you’d think solving problems in a relationship requires scientific formula you need a PhD to understand.
The reality is, though, when you catch problems early and use plenty of patience and fairness, there are only a few steps you need to take to get things straightened out.
Identify the cause
Sometimes the cause of trouble in a relationship is obvious. It might be problems with money, the kids, or a certain habit one of you has that really irks the other. A lot of the time, though, there’s just a niggling sense that something isn’t right. Maybe there’s less romance, less physical affection, and a feeling of growing apart. In cases like this, you’ll need to look a little deeper to figure out what the root of your problem really is. Knowing this will make it a lot easier to use love advice: relationship problems don’t all have the same cause.
Pick your battles
Give some serious thought to whether the problem is really worth bringing up. You may decide the fact that your partner routinely leaves wet towels on the floor or even occasionally pays a bill a day or two late isn’t something you want to rock the boat over. On the other hand, if something your partner does leaves you feeling hurt or rejected or is causing serious financial or social problems, it’s a good idea to bring the issue up. That way you won’t give resentment a chance to grow.
Time it right
If you’ve decided you really do need to talk about an issue, pick a good time (or at least not a really bad time). Just remember, when one of you is stressed out or tired is not a good time to start a discussion about a serious problem.
Don’t ambush your partner, either. Pouncing on them with a heavy issue just gives the conversation a confrontational edge from the outset. Instead of the old We need to talk,I try something less confrontational like ‘Honey, do you have a couple minutes to talk about something?’.
Be gentle
Winning is not be the goal here. The goal is improving or in some cases, saving the relationship. If one of you is impatient, harshly critical, insulting you both lose.
Of course, that doesn’t mean you need to talk to your partner like they’re a three-year-old. Just talk to them with the same level of respect you would.
Although it may sound like softy love advice, relationship problems don’t generally improve when one partner is aggressive.

Accept your share of the blame

Over all, it’s better to focus on solving the problem rather than riding the Who started it merry-go-round. That said, you still need to accept that something about your own behavior may need to change, too. Listen to your partner’s side of the story with an open mind and be willing to negotiate fairly. Of course, you still need to keep your personal boundaries as far as not accepting physical or emotional abuse.
Although the steps above should help you work out most common problems, keep reading up on how to resolve conflict in your relationship so you’ll know how to handle any serious issues that may come along. When it comes to love advice, relationship problems are one of the hottest topics, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding some good tips.
English: Love Book - The Top 50 Most Trusted E...
Gays are now accepted in the military. However, there are greater problems to overcome. The military need to ease their boys into civilian life again. A huge task. via stirringtroubleinternationally.com


Fifty Shades Of Crap - But Worth $zillions

50 Shades of Grey is crap but phenomenonally bestselling crap. Is it going to pervert any reader? No. It is fantasy and the reader knows this.

What's the best way to deal with depression when the depression goes beyond any medical prescription? Books like this will help. Most people are lucky enough when depressed to have sex, perhaps this is why this book is a best seller right now. Many people engage in reading this type of book, some think the only way they can engage in reading is by reading something that gets them excited. The Book 50 Shades of Grey is being reviewed over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Two authors have reviewed this book now. Another way of gauging how popular this topic is check out Favestar.fm a sub-sect of Twitter. Its a place where people pay to sound of about their cats, and share about there gripes and frustrations. Generally members who have accounts get and get to give awards for the days most popular rant. Books like this will sell there like hot cakes, just like they are on Amazon.



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A Killing Spree At A Showing Of The New Batman Film? A Case Of The Script Spilling Into Real Life

A Killing Spree At A Showing Of The New Batman Film? A Case Of The Script Spilling Into Real Life
A Killing Spree At A Showing
Of The New Batman Film?
A Case Of The Script Spilling Into Real Life
The massacre at the batman movie has been explained by President Obama this week. Other sources say the trailer for another film was more like what happened.

In the trailer the gunmen shoot from the back of the cinema screen. The trailer was banned but looks like a good film. Any violence in the media is not good when it affects people.

This debate is as old as the Chuckey doll debate. Media audiences have been studied. For normal people do not get effected like we see with the young murderer who stormed the batman film armed with gas and a gun.

 Currently the suspect is being persecuted in jail by inmates. The Aurora cinema a chain of the Century 16 cinema have had to make changes. James Holmes the murderer who massacred these innocent people will and should be dealt with appropriately.

Not to sure but the State that this happened will probably execute him soon since this is the law in America.

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Barbie® - Kelly®'s friend Tommy® as Chucky fro...
Barbie® - Kelly®'s friend Tommy®
as Chucky from "Child's Play" (2006)
(Photo credit: Charles (dollstuff.net))
Looking at the massacre in Colorado and concluding that it's not the guns that are to blame but the cult of violence that is promoted by Hollywood and the box. via stirringtroubleinternationally.com