World In Shock As News About Katie And Manly Tom’s Split Hits The Headlines

Fans of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are reeling in shock at news that the golden couple is splitting.

World in Shock As News about Katie and Manly Tom’s Split Hits the Headlines

The run down on three times married Tom Cruise and the social media buzz about the breakup. A child was born and everything should be fine because it is difficult for celebrities but they have lots of cash to keep everyone happy. Celebrities commonly marry celebrities this is very normal these days. There have been awaited reaction 's from both sides publically. Not much has been announced. The world waits why these two celebrity couple have gotten divorced.

     They go out and drive about in posh cars but as you will find out over on Stirring Trouble Internationally without ruining it for you there are a couple of things you can learn from break ups of celebrities and famous people who are in the media. The flipside of being famous is when you get married your story is covered in luxury magazines like Vanity Fair. But when you get divorced you end up when you’re ready on day time TV discussing how happy you are now that you have split up. How happy you guys are.

The reality is this week at number one Maroon 5 report on how relationships work out, it’s at number one, be warned though in the chorus there is a lot of swearing. Swearing is perhaps one of the main contributory factors why people divorce. I not saying this am what happened with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes but I know this is just one thing that can happen when people get down.



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