The Infighting At The Top In China Continues. And It Worries A Lot Of People

Стирринг Троубле Интернатионалли Гу Лаилаи Подцаст 
Судебный процесс по делу Гу Kailai не о ней. Она направлена ​​на дальнейшее опозорить Бо Силай, бывший ярким высоким летчика. Коммунистическая политика может быть безжалостным. Суд над женой одним из лучших партийных боссов огромный позор для китайского руководства. Это происходит только за несколько месяцев до 18-го съезда Коммунистической партии, которые увидят выборы семи новых членов из девяти человек постоянный комитет политбюро. Если бы вещи прошли гладко, Бо Силай стояли очень хорошие шансы на избрание одного из новых членов.
The trial of Gu Kailai is not about her. It is aimed at further disgracing Bo Xilai, the former flamboyant high flyer. Communist politics can be ruthless.
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Gu Suhua writes from Beijing: The infighting at the very top of the Chinese leadership continues. And it worries a lot of people, in China and beyond.

Any day now the trial of Gu Kailai, the wife of the disgraced former party boss of Chongqing, Bo Xilai, is to start. She is accused of ‘intentional homicide’. Evidence supposedly reveals that she was involved in poisoning the British businessman Neil Heywood last November. As it stands, the verdict is certain to be guilty. However, she may not get the death penalty and instead given a long prison sentence, claiming that Heywood threatened her son although not really explaining why he would do that. 
Heywood is suspected of helping Gu Kailai to move personal assets out of China. But it is still unclear why he was killed. The British Embassy has requested to be permitted to attend the trial. It may in fact only last a day. Still, everyone would like to hear the evidence against Heywood. 
The trial of the wife of one of the top party bosses is a huge embarrassment for the Chinese leadership. It is taking place just a few months before the 18th Communist Party Congress that will see the election of seven new members of the nine man Politburo Standing Committee. Had things gone smoothly, Bo Xilai stood a very good chance of being elected one of the new members. You have been listening to a STI Ltd production for Stirring Trouble Internationally a automated podcast for the blind. That ис s t i r r i n g t r o u b l e i n t e r n a t i o n a l l y dot com

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