Wondering: What’s On Julian Assange’s Mind These Days?

Looking at the situation surrounding Julian Assange and trying to guess what could be going through his mind these days.


In Ecuador Julian Assange sits quietly in his thoughts a hotel wondering what is going to happen. He has many options and has enough money to move about freely to continue with his campaigns. But the court case continues as countries decide who would like Julian Assange to come to their country to speak.

     The controversy about his own life and his opinion on the problems of the world has given him celebrity status. I imagine this is what is on his mind, but the commissions that those who need this sort of intelligence are keeping him preoccupied. No stone goes unturned when popular, and the popular and famous generally have some dirt on them, which is why they have a position of so called power.

     This is the first rule of thumb in the world, you have the power when told and no power goes without dirt on the collar. Once this is initiated you can go on merrily and progress in your position of power anyone with any knowledge of how it works and what all these clichés mean know what’s true and what’s fiction. The problem is when the information gets out those that have honoured you the position have either had enough of you or someone has leaked something. I think in the case of Wiki Leaks it’s probably the latter, though double negatives have occurred over the centuries to cover up some sort of tracks.

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Julian Assange in front of the Ecuadorian Flag

Julian Assange in front of the Ecuadorian Flag (Photo credit: mrfeek)



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