Russell Brand And Kate Moss Grace The Olympics


People, who are planning to escape from London for the duration of the Olympics, would be making a big mistake. Some of the biggest celebs will be on show.

More from the London look this week, the Olympics is here and everyone wants a ticket to go see the events. The celebrities will be there and the whole city is getting ready for the big event. The torches have been lit, the invites and tickets if not already recieved should be in the post. So what next? Sit back relax and watch the specialists do all the hard work. 

This years Olympics has a couple of special guests. Kate Moss and Russell Brand. The two invited to show are Britian's finest celebrities. Well we do have some better people, but these two are very popular. This years extravanganza will also be very popular. What better way to up your profile than attend the Olympics. Other than watch the real great people compete, why else would you want to go?

You turn on the telly and all you see is the Olympics. Before the Olympics you turn on the telly and see Kate Moss and interviews with Russell Brand. You can see them both, the celebrities and the Olympics all over the place. Best get down there and see the two face to face. Avoid square eyes and get down to the Olympics and If you are competing - good luck!


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