California, The Land With The Right Set Of Priorities, Bans Foie Gras From Its Restaurants

Looking at the ban introduced in California on serving foie gras in restaurants. Finally the geese would enjoy a healthy lifestyle before they end up on the dinner table.

Out of all the culinary meals available these days meat is by far the best form of protein. Recently we have seen an outburst of vitamins and protein drinks that offer the protein people need to have to live without eating meet.

     Some restaurants are serving up some great recipes and some of these recipes are not vegan, they are not vegetarian and they do not have anything to do with a juicer.

     Juicing has become a pass time for many people.

     Luckily not everyone are juicing everyone and meet is still available. The reason why I say this is because many people are lost and they are just taking what a restaurant gives them.

     They trust the culinary expertise of the chef to serve up an original meal which you cannot cook better at home.

      In the pursuit of culinary happiness California has noticed some chef's are serving up unethical meals.

     Here in London for example geese are protected.

     Quite rightly so, this is just one angle vegetarian's are taking to really demonise carnivorous eating.


     French menu's renowned in the catering industry worldwide serve food the seldom leaves Paris.

     Some restaurant errs in their pursuit to impress the customer have been releasing all types of crazy food which is troubling the vegetarians.

     I imagine it will really distress the fans of the royal family, I know it distresses me.

     When it comes to ducks, like cats on social media people identify with ducks.

     But like pork and belly fat people crave a good roast duck. Chinese restaurants have special menus with duck that are impossible to cook at home.

     More and more people are doing business from home and even if they wanted to they could not buy or prepare the kind of food being exposed in California thanks to Stirring Trouble.

If you have any special taste for cooking or maybe you are a vegetarian and just want to have a laugh at the expense of the herbivores of omnivores then go over to Stirring Trouble Internationally and see what is being said there, it’s probably actually something completely different to what I am saying. 


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