Scandal Erupts As Aussie Rag Publishes Unremarkable Snaps Of The Cambridges


Scandal has erupted over unremarkable photos of the Cambridges published by an Aussie magazine.

Welcome to the story about a Magazine. Now no Kindle book would just be a photo of Prince William.

Kate and Prince William recently went to Australia where a few lucky people managed to get some private photo's of the two together having fun, now these kind of images can be very popular inside magazine. The photos are very nice images of the young Royal family having fun away from home.

The Australian rag has pictures of Kate in their Magazine showing photo's of the two together. The tabloids are predicting Prince William will soon be doing stuff.

Prince William reportedly said something positive about the country Australia its a very popular place to go and other magazines have gone under well before the two got together. Read on to find out the details and find out it and read all about IT.

Most of the photos found in magazines these days and Prince William photos are very popular, this is why hopefully everything will make things good.

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