In Case You Think The Top Chinese Comrades Have Dumped Marxism, Think Again

China points of view examined in relation to Marxism and Maoism.
Carl Marx and  Mao Zedong
In the topic points of view we look at China. Stirring Trouble Internationally creates its own Marxism Conference by asking questions about Marxism.
Stirring Trouble Internationally paints the analogy and explores deeper the drumming of Maoism and the handling of how war goes on.
In addition to this to explain further we look at  how the armies and special forces are managed in relation to today’s Marxism combination with: Maoism, the teachings of Carl Marx‘s theories and , the more traditional theories like Maoism and other reasons which might help countries. Either help China or for other countries to  follow in its footsteps, if indeed there are any left.
Stirring Trouble Internationally satirically asks a bold question about Carl Marx which goes:
“Is Marxism a dead horse?” Go Shua

So is Marxism and Maoism teachings dying out in China?

Marxism is dead in China but the Party leaders base their legitimacy on his teachings. So they have to convince citizens to like it again. Tough call.
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Unite Under Maoism!
Unite Under Maoism! (Photo credit: jonsson)

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