Fighting Free Syrian Army In Damascus, President Bashar Al Assad And The Muslim Brotherhood

Free Syrian Army In Damascus Wars with President Al Assad and the Muslim Brotherhood
Damascus Wars - New Updates
Fear stalks Damascus on eve of Ramadan. Thousands flee as Syrian rebels wage guerrilla war in Damascus and on top of that how the Damascus Volcano erupted in Assad's stronghold. Syria: ICRC responds to violence in Damascus.

Iraq flies residents out of violence-hit Damascus. Break up in Damascus Hurried Troops force rebels to retreat in Damascus in a bid to help free the Syrian army. Syria experienced fresh clashes in Damascus and as ever Syria continues to use helicopters to battle rebels in Damascus as clashes spread this is creating many casualties and death.

The Damascus battle: Rebel operation has been described as a 'Damascus Volcano and Syrian Earthquake. Syria: Forces launch all-out assault in Damascus which instilled enough fear in the population because thousands understandably fled the country to get away from all the troubles.

How the Damascus Volcano erupted in Assad's stronghold is of yet unclear. Troops have now managed to retake rebel Damascus area and the Syrian troops were happy with the result where they managed to recapture the Damascus neighbourhood. Assad forces regained Damascus but the rebels are still there and are said to have entered Aleppo instead.

In conclusion Damascus chaos has struck fear in the surrounding countries but the carnage is an equilibrium which will have also struck fear in Bashar Al Assad favoured Alawite team. This is very difficult for all parties to explain including the new instated Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt as the look open what is happening in Syria with complete shock. Violence anywhere has this effect but the amount of reported lives lost is absolutely as I sure you agree shocking.

John Boehner goes after Bachmann’s Clinton Aide/Muslim Brotherhood remarks: as being pretty dangerous’. McCain defends Clinton aide over allegations by House lawmaker of link to Muslim Brotherhood. Ellison calls Bachmann’s evidence of Muslim Brotherhood conspiracy as a ‘16 Pages Worth Of...' and Rooney calling for investigation into Muslim Brotherhood too. 

As you can see there is a bit of conflict of opinion on this matter. Compared to what is happening in Syria they should perhaps calm down a bit and find out who is doing what.

John McCain slams ‘degrading’ Muslim Brotherhood attacks on Hillary Clinton aide. Sen. John McCain Defends Huma Abedin Against Muslim Brotherhood. McCain defends Clinton aide accused of Muslim Brotherhood ties. John McCain defends Hillary Clinton aide accused of links to Muslim Brotherhood. 

McCain defends Clinton aide against allegations by Bachmann of link to Muslim Brotherhood.
Former campaign chief Ed Rollins tears into Bachmann for Clinton Aide/Muslim Brotherhood remarks. Rep. Michele Bachmann's Muslim Brotherhood Claims Draw Fierce Fire Crosswalk. U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann's Muslim Brotherhood Letter. McCain defends Clinton aide against Bachmann's Muslim Brotherhood concerns St. Paul Pioneer Press, Bachmann’s Muslim Brotherhood claims draw fire. 

McCain defends top Clinton aide against Bachmann accusations on Muslim Brotherhood ties. There has been a call for Muslim Brotherhood probes at the WPTV station and all this controversy is based on the carnage happening outside of America. This is creating a lot of fear so people should calm down a bit and hopefully work together to hope and pray they get some better solutions.

Does Fighting In Damascus Signal The End Of President Al Assad? Everyone Would Love To Know The Answer.

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