Let’s Face It, The Islamists Pulled A Fast One With That Arab Spring

The Arab Spring turned out to be big disappointment for everyone. Apart from the Islamists that is who gained the most from it.

Here in the UK Kensington area was very excited last month about the Arab Spring controversy, Washington USA and the Lebanon in the middle east also had interests in the decision made by the Arab Spring.

In case you have not been reading the news there has been great results for Islamists this month in Egypt after winning the vote and receiving a close victory that has filled all the seats for those in peace.

Islamist countries like Turkey predicted this and are enjoying a global change in Islam. They also stand behind women who love Islam but are sick of hiding their pretty faces.

This is a bit controversial between Islamists.

One argument made this week from Turkey was the question about beauty.

If women are not beautiful then they should have the right to wear a Hijab. Also anyone who are enlightened or just know the Koran really well and are able to hold their own should have a multitude of wives. This is the word of lord according to Turkey and everywhere else.

Having watched an episode of Jerry Springer I personally not bothered either way or welcome the victory of any sensible minds who can help the world keep ticking over.

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