After The Olympic Opening Ceremony Comes The Boring Part - The Games Themselves

Lots of people in London are enjoying the Olympic races. The female participation has been brilliant both with the races and sports. Lots of women still carry the flame for this type of stuff, there is nothing boring about the London Olympics and its all been done in the best possible taste.
The Olympic ceremony as already mentioned by Thomas Mathew was in-fact a good old Pagan ceremony. They used the tree's as an ode to the druids and the sizzling rings as an ode to alchemy and perhaps a reminder of the decline in British metals in places like Sheffeild. Every country took part in the ritual and those who did not use the correct uniform have or 'will' soon be banned from participating in this years London 2012 Olympics rituals.

Watching the womens swimming two days ago in Hyde Park was really good and waiting for Will Young to sing on stage was about as amazing as the way Mr Bean Rowan Atckinson reached for his refreshments. Today the womens Judo was great another contact sport worth watching. I have been studying favourites that people are dying to watch live and on telly. Some of these and yes it may have even been you on your blog: Archery, shooting, weightlifting and water volleyball. Not all of these are just done by women of course.

Just a final note on the decisions made about the uniforms that people should be wearing at the Olympics and the reasons why there is no room for this type of thing ie hijabs or turbans anything that effects the game or gives the competitors a hidden advantage should be stopped. If I was to walk into an olympic cue with a motorbike helmet on I would I'm sure be turned away at the door. A final subnote about Hyde Park, if you are going, great the big screen is really good and the music is free but please do not bring a packed lunch or go shopping before attending. Anything you do have will be put in the bin after searching so be mindful of this. Don't get caught out!
The opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics was a celebration of Britishness. With all the huge talents gathering together.


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