Syria Is At War. Little Chance Of Finding A Solution Now

According to the Syrian Arab News Agency President al-Assad said : Syria built its policy on national and a popular compass, They also pointed out that President al-Assad presides over a first session of a new type of government. A new government so they say which is communicating with its citizens with a transparency before never used. The main news this week was when President Bashar al-Assad said on video Syria at War. Assad TV channel attacked, From European sources they concentrated on the 'Syria at war' thing that president Assad declared Syria in a state of war.



Mustafa Amin writes from Damascus: Fighting in the suburbs of Damascus between the Syrian army and insurgents reveals, in the words of President Bashar al Assad, that the country is at war. The pro-Assad TV station has also been attacked and bomber to shred. Battles rage elsewhere in Syria.


The latest global news from what president Assad said recently


In America Bloomberg's today follows the angle from U.S. official's that Russia must abandon Syria President Assad Before Talks, New Syrian cabinet ministers sworn in before President Bashar al-Assad.


Now ITV News took the european approach of highlighting that President Bashar al-Assad: said about living in a real state of war'. From the more mainstream American news reports singled out that Syrian general, soldiers defected to Turkey, And squeezed the lemon more by saying this is an example of the latest peice to abandon President Bashar Assad.


Previously in the news this month Syrian President Assad issued a decree forming new government, which is more American spin. Meanwhile in Syrian Arab news which is a bit closer to the conflict reported President al-Assad Issues Decree No. 210 on Formation of New Government Headed by Dr. Riyad. The unusually popular Huffington Post singled out Putin for identifying that Is 'Not Locked In To Assad Remaining Syria's President', The source they used was David Cameron. And finally President al-Assad decreed establishing a veterinary medicine faculty that is affiliated with a Damascus University in Daraa.


A regime in Syria


Syria violence kills 29, regime as the forces stormed Douma. Syria violence kills 83, regime troops storm Douma. I am on the fence with which one source is correct I imagine the second is more accurate. Interestingly the lower number reported was much more closer to the real conflict. So again this could be an example of dumbing down the situation, or perhaps overly exaggerating the carnage.


One interesting question bookmarked this month was asking is this a return of the ancient regime? A question posed today by local sources that browsed the point of view they think is united in ideology against the regime. India however is concentrating on the after effects by saying 'most of the services will become expensive from tomorrow under new tax' from their own India Times and the current neighbourly troubles.


An Anti regime, the changeover and other global news


Anti-regime shouts fill streets in Bahrain for the ouster of Al Khalifa. The local news highlighted the warning about the subsidy regime changeover which sounds a bit like the passover. Which is not very funny but interesting just the same. This type of shocking news as you can clearly see differs in interpretations. This is why global news is so popular.


In conclusion Syrian regime and the anti regime change no easy matter. Well we can clearly see this to be true and the world powers earlier this month did agree to the Syria deal, US eyes post-Assad regime and they confuse the students by making them answer the silly question in assignments this week: will regime or anti regime shed fear of student power? Pointless exercise.




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