Imagining If There Were Right-Wing Comedians In Mainstream Entertainment

Asking: how come there are no right-wing comedians in mainstream comedy?
Comedy has changed, politics have changed the whole world is changing. From the rules of comedy to the vile descriptive anecdotes comedians use to squeeze a laugh out of people is scrutinised today over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

The biggest jokes are found in other people's oddities. Slapstick has changed and the celebrities and politicians and people on Social media are all choosing the comical option. Noticeably the comical humour is uplifting and useful, because when your laughing your learning, but also when you are entertained as you are learning you have more energy, Many people know this and still people are getting confused.

This week on Twitter there has been plenty of people searching and connected with funny people. unfortunately these people are not changing, they make similar clients feel overwhelmed with the complex comical jokes.

The danger with humour is that unless you know you never understand what it is that they are trying to say. The great thing about comedy on television is all this stuff does not matter. They can add laughs in where are are none. They can edit later and cut out all the rubbish. They can also put in content which is rare these days.

In conclusion we need comedy especially when it comes to the news, the problem is the onion is wearing thin by the competence of those behind the scenes pulling the strings. This may or may not of contributed to the decline of British comedy. Have you seen any new live comedy lately?

Here are five random suggestions about why comedy is going down hill

  1. The Internet addresses many different locations most of which are trying to impress Americans.
  2. The broadest audience have heard all the same jokes over and over again (just like Karaoke does to popular music).
  3. The crackers are delivering the same gags from 10 years ago and they are as crap as they were then.
  4. Comedy stores are popping up all over the place in the least expected venues, as people force their way into being amused. The promoters are on the street wearing fake smiles. 
  5. The price of good laugh has gone up.
Perhaps this is why there are no mainstream right wing politicians on the comedy circuit. via stirringtroubleinternationally.com

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