Hillary Clinton - Barack Obama's Lady-In-Waiting. Or Is It Susan Rice?

Hillary Clinton for the White House? Only if Barack Obama wins a second term. And even then it might be another woman in the running. Other prospects are mentioned one of whom you may recognise, its Susan Rice. Find out more about what Christopher Lee is outlining below.
Christopher Lee looks at the voting process and predicts every last turn from now till 2016 from all parties in the USA. He takes a good look at Hilary Clinton and the methods she and many other men and women are taking to look good and live longer.

He also examines the candidates and the allegiance they have according to what happens in the next few political months.

The great part of this post apart from the groovy picture is the intricate image.

Christopher Lee outlines from the data he see's before him. He often takes a look at the history before determining any of the outcomes. Find out more with this in mind by going over to Stirring Trouble Internationally.

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