A New Role Beckons For Will Smith: That Of Eric Holder Who’s In Criminal Contempt

US Justice Secretary Eric Holder found in criminal contempt of US Congress. What a juicy role for Will Smith this could make.

The news about American law this week includes Mexico and what is happening there and a comparison that does not vaguely represent anything like what Will Smith looks like. The Justice Department codenamed Fast and Furious that involved releasing large quantities of arms into the community with the aim of tracking them until they eventually end up in Mexico. Perhaps this is where the link begins. You can find out the facts by going over to Stirring Trouble Internationally and getting the facts rather than the blurbs here on social media support.

Lets start with weapons. There has been great debates about arms in America, Washington is the capital and this is where the real legal debates begin and end. Since the Americans won Independence (happy Indepence day July 4th) weapons have been sold in shops. Documentaries have been made by people like Micheal Moore who took interest in the phenomenon. Further afeild the world has found an ironic peace in weapons. The bigger the weapon the more fear existed and still exists. These weapons are so powerful that no one dare pull the trigger.

The films we watch keep the narrative going. Its only during times of war and conflict do we see the true power of what weapons actually represent. From troublesome images from Bahrain shared on Youtube, to Mexican films like Scarface.

When reality becomes news, people get excited. The number one films kids like are what the news delivers to keep them on there toes. The reality is the economic value of weapons and gadgets is growing as the topic of technology mixes with the topics of law. Weapons also act as protection for the rich oligachies. The economy means less jobs as information becomes less in the hands of power as the information moves across the world wide web. The web is full of images and opinions about weapons. Is it little wonder this article is making the news.


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