George and Madeleine play the bankers monetary fund game

Games That Some People Play. With Your Money As It Happens

This topic about Austerity as a solution for the banking sectors in Europe is quite bizzare. As you will see George Osbourne is very lucky thanks to his friends in Europe. The International monetary fund thanks to Madeleine Lagarde has helped George in the political games.

Good sportsmanship always starts with good relationships and what better way to bond then on TV or YouTube. Politicians have been taking steps closer to bankers in a bid to find out more about what's in the kitty. For years now banks have done business for all kinds of people. This exchange of cash is what keeps the world round. By printing more money the money bankers hold for people will depreciate just like it did in South America all those years ago.

As money moves hands the banks and governments share notes. Its these types of transactions that give room for people to make money. Most people know this stuff and these banking stories originated in other countries.

The first place you look to find out more about banks in-order to understand austerity is the USA. The banks were a safe place for people to hold the money available not long after the wild wild west. Much of which was raised at a time when no one knew what was right and wrong. Just like then know-body seems to know today.

In the article you see before you you can find out the exchange of papers between Madeleine and George as Europe shares notes, not banking notes silly although it does have something to do with the International Monetary Fund.

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