Asking: How Come Spooks Always Fail To Predict The Big Things?

Looking at spooks predicting big calamities. And asking: how come they're no good at it.

How Come Spooks Always Fail To Predict the Big Things? 

The spooks historically have failed to deliver the best news. Since the world wars and the current problems we see today, Spooks are still failing to deliver any 100% relevant forecasts. This is a consequence of bad intelligence say Stirring Trouble Internationally.

     You will want to go over there and find out just what intelligent forecasts they are making. Three things are underlined, three mistakes are pointed out. Three simple solutions are supplied.

     Find out why most spooks are failing to predict forecasts as we reflect on the good old days of forecasting to find out new levels of accuracy.

     There has been a lot of sensationalism around forecasting news; this has often affected the outcome.

     Tom Cruise was in a film called Minority Report the story wrote by the same author of Blade runner. The writer a well known sci-fi author Philip K Dick has been a very popular author, most writers are not great spooks however they do have contact with sources that spooks seek out to predict the future. You can find more about Spooks by watching the film The Men Who Stare at Goats.

     If you live in the UK then you will be familiar with the TV series Spooks, they did an episode in Russia. The spooks were sent in to find out where the nuclear weapons were. They each had their own talents and methods of solving problems and getting to the bottom of what is going on in the world.

     The reality is not enough people are using these methods to solve things.

     The economy is one example, the problems with some banks and the scandals and loopholes are being exposed.

Everyone hope one day the portals open to reliable spooks predicting things. But as we see in the Men who stare At Goats as much as this ability can be cultivated and developed, different countries have different levels of reliable intelligence that prove to be useful.



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