Is the Old Syria now dead? Podcast #STI #StirringTroubleInternationally

Time’s Ripe for a Syria Made up of Autonomous Regions Mustafa Amin from Damascussends his report from Syria.
Find out three things that keep Syria busy.  Expatriates and insurgents, find out more about what they are saying the psychology of war in situations like Syria.
Is the Syria we once knew now dead?
Is the Syria we once knew now dead?
Find out the basics of what happened between 1975 and 1990 between Sunni‘s, Shias and Christians to help you understand a bit better what is happening in Alawi. 
You see Alawi is a location in Syria that has been affected by the current troubles. The troubles mentioned as you will find out are not just the same in indifference as Syria they’re also indifference in European history. 
Mustafa compares the two, this is about language can you guess which region and which language. By reading the full article you will be able to get a better understanding of just what is going on. You may also be interested in the relationships between Russia and China this is something that is a special bonus within this sensitive article.
So let’s get on with the original article: here is what Mustafa Amin said today. The Old Syria Has Died.
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