Finally, Someone Had The Sense To Tell Bruce And Macca To Shut It

Bruce Springsteen Paul McCartney and Madonna live in Hyde Park
Bruce Springsteen Paul McCartney and Madonna live in Hyde Park
Bruce Springsteen and Madonna sang to a crowd of people in Hyde Park this week. The concerts in London have been very good. Hyde Park is a great place to go if you want to get some fresh air and see the squirrels. 

     It is also a good place to see a rock concert. 

     Paul McCartney from the Beatles was also there. You can find out more of what happened in busy London's Hyde Park by going over to the main website. 

     Below made recently for fans of celebrities who may want to know more about the rock stars and actors. You can vote or suggest things so we can get a better idea of who are your favourites. July is a busy time for a lot of people especially musicians. 

     It is the best time to perform because they can perform outside. The crowds are often in high spirits because it is so hot they need to drink plenty of fluids. 

     Many people are looking to celebrities for health purposes, everyone want to know the secret to there youth. When you look hard enough you will often see many of the men wear make up especially actors, men and women. 

     Ever since the nineteen twenties men have worn make up to catch the glimmering camera's eye. Rock music and rock musicians are known for this sort of thing. 

     That said I do not think Paul McCartney or Bruce Springsteen wear any sort of make up. They are not that sort of band. 

     Plastic surgery is another alternative which is in the minds of people these days. Many people like to go to a plastic surgeon and get there face done or there tummy tucked in. 

     Most people who aren't celebrities only option is a gastric band or something like this. 

A big commitment for big bellies. And like Obama said this week sometimes big things seem quite big but in actual fact they are quite small or something around those regions. 

Taking a sarcastic look as aging pop stars and concluding that they should pack it in really. via stirringtroubleinternationally.com 
Concert de Madonna à Paris Bercy, Août 2006
Concert de Madonna à Paris Bercy,
Août 2006 (Photo credit: johanlb)

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