Expense Of Sports And Government Propaganda

premiership footballThe Olympic games of the Ancient Greece, to the astronomical sums of of serious money to pay for players and how Nazi Germany during the war created a News program to start up the Olympic challenge and create a proper job in Sport.

R.F.Wilson is in London chatting about the Premiership, Teddy Pendergrass and other players. Even ancient Greeks, sport, The German Nazis and Soviet communists of religion, pretty much like it is done now in the liberal West, to give the masses something to get busy with. We are now talking astronomical sums on financing the Olympics or football World Cups or athletics tournaments. TV news channels are now broadcasting sports news about injuries on and off the pitch, split ups with girlfriends and up and coming transfers to other clubs. This is brainwashing, pure and simple. A cover-up for the sins of politicians and the bankers especially as serious money is made along the way. Wake up, everybody, as Teddy Pendergrass once sang! A post made earlier today over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

Treating Self-Proclaimed ‘Terrorists’ As Common Criminals?

lee rigby killers terrorism
Treating the adebowale couple for hatred crimes against the British Army for singling out a british soldier Lee Rigby and then to murder him for wearing a help the heroes t-shirt is slightly wrong. You see to call them muslim terrorists is wrong. The trail down the Old Bailey begins in November for the heinous crimes that happened in south east london. Terrorism is a terrible subject and to link these savages or use the war in afghanistan (2001–present) as a way of justifying what happened in Woolwich is wrong too, these two guys are just cold blooded murdering thugs who need to be dealt with swiftly and appropriately.

The 'adebowale bunch' have declared to the world knowing what they had to say to the British Army after they slaughtered the british soldier Lee Rigby in front of local citizens and passers by. To cry Murder and claim to be muslim terrorists as the Old Bailey will find out is a disgrace to peaceful Muslims and real probably offensive to real muslim terrorists in there. The south east london will testify that these two punks have no link with terrorism in the name of the war in afghanistan. The words of War in Afghanistan (2001–present) on camera in Woolwich is something the courts will look at and merely be used to punish them in the appropriate way. Read Ben's article over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

Ben Delicious in London prepares you for the Drummer Lee Rigby murder trial in the Old Bailey. The defence are using the ‘terrorists’, card to protect these two crazy thugs. The Woolwich army barracks are right to be up in arms about the death of a British soldier though the two thugs trial should not be hindered in this way all the footage is on Youtube of them covered in blood. It is understandable for the military barracks to want to know if this is actually anything to do with the war in Afghanistan though what they will not be considering is the way Muslim terrorists are treated in a normal prison.
  • Woolwich attack: two men plead not guilty to Lee Rigby's murder (theguardian.com)
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  • Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale plead not guilty to murder of soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich (standard.co.uk)

Politically Incorrect Get Mob Connections

political correctness mobsters
Todays entry is about political incorrectness.
This is a satirical entry about freedom of expression in a world of warcraft practising German Nazism lacking in any real sign of hope, what ever happened to the badge of Heterosexuality? 
If you are a fan of Humour and curious about what Liberal democracy is then this post is something worth reading. 

There has been a recent splurge of opposition on major religions that are challenging the Minority group and the report about Nazism in the underworld of Political correctness is questioning normal peoples religious orientation. Why when we know Soviet communism does not work and what we know about State ideology of the 'Soviet Union' today are white people becoming the blame of these jokes? 

Find out in todays satirical article, the fact is Russia has developed and adapted to align itself with the worlds maze of possibilities and is taking a stand in the world, creating in a way a badge that is no longer proudly worn and should be. 

Adam Lovejoy a Russian living in London takes a look into the PC world and offers a list of future minority group reports about the mixup and brings attention to understanding multiculturalism instead of what a large proportion of people he calls the looney lefts, politically correct conformists who allow strange things to happen and overrun the world in the first place. 

Political comedy has been in the news this week and on the wireless. Political journalists have had a clash of opinions with the minority of white heterosexual males or females on the online comedy circuit critiquing politicians is the strangest of ways. Even the right-wing conservative views have changed and are moving to different resolutions. 

Like political journalists the topic of white people , straight people, acts of Soviet communism and German Nazism are being brushed under the carpet and forgotten about. The noise from these sympathies for politicians, bankers and other sectors is being undermined by a nostalgic reminder of comedians of the past. What seems to start out as humorous and politically incorrect seems to turn into something more of a reflection of the sinister world we live in today. Hard times and triple dip recessions are very hard, the workplace becomes a hornets nest, turn on the television set and you will see the same thing. The admiration and protection of anyone challenging the decay of society are seen as the enemy which is very sad to see.

Read this article and find out why over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

The freedom of expression is an important thing. The world is using the same things best forgotten like German nazism and there is a world of gay mafia who seek to crumble the world of heterosexuality. The world of camp humour has been lost and replaced with challenging supportive forces to keep everyone churning away and confused. The Liberal democracy have taken the role of speaking to all major religions in the country but the damage has already been done to the normal minority group. 

This is a form of 1930's Nazism and although you might not know it wether Political correctness is your thing or your Politically Incorrect its much better than talking about paper clips. Avoiding any religious orientation in society is a form of soviet communism which eventually crumbled. Russia has grown into a new State ideology outside of the popular Marxism we see these days from the looney left, the gay mafia workforce and the actively blind representations of the Soviet Union. 

The white people getting involved and defending everything are becoming the butt of the jokes, actively involved in a world where the bigger picture is not quite clear. Trust Stirring Trouble Internationally to clear up the mess, it's time to wear that badge like you would if you or someone you know had breast cancer, rather than get confused with the pride and prejudice.

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Global Warming, Iran’s Nuclear Programme, White Widow And Banker’s Bonuses

global warmingGlobal warming and nuclear programmes around the world are proving to be a bit of a problem. Adam Lovejoy an investigative journalist reports from London about all this and more including new news about bankers bonuses. The man-made global warming con continues. Find out what the International Panel on Climate Change are doing for the United Nations over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. There you will find in depth news about Iran's nuclear program, climate change and the latest responses to speeches from US President Barack Obama and other popular political figures in the United States. Around the world global news is flowing from Iran as much as it is in the US. The world of intelligence and fears of terrorism and environmental fears are set in stone. Examing individual local tragedies is another important part of reminding us what can happen without having this awareness. So with that said if you are interested in world news read all about Samantha Lewthwaite the White Widow of Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi this is the latest terrorist attack to learn from. If you live in London and want to know more about Sams background and curious about her relationship with Jermaine Lindsay and husband who paid a cruel visit to London Underground a few years ago. People watching out for terrorism will be shocked though not surprised by the connections to these two basket cases that have shocked people around the world.

george osborne bankersCloser to home here in the UK Chancellor George Osborne has announced some things and the chances are the Global Warming, Iran’s Nuclear Programme, and the White Widow will give food for thought but not help the Banker’s Bonuses experience of inflation. When you look at both side of the figures and able to balance the figures you will get a better understanding financial ramifications of all these subjects. Please go over and have a read, with that said try and leave some intelligent comments. No time wasters!

Idiots Guide To Having A Good Time

wild partyThe irony of a great idiots guide is based on the premise of showing as your learning and winning that you are having a good time.

   Adam Lovejoy captures the essence of all this from picturesque Paris. If you enjoy a good bit of laughter, like going out socialising and having fun then todays post will really help.

   With every good time there is an exchange of things happening and can lead to deeper serious relationships.

   If you are overly open and find yourself connecting with lots of people whilst drunk you will love todays tips about unprotected sex.

   There are three things that you might want to consider.

   There are actually much more than three things that keep people going out with hopes and faith in having a good time.

   In todays article you will read the main things that keep people up all night before and after a night on the town.

   The Idiots Guide to having a good time is a great way to quickly learn everything you need.

   Whether you are a celebrity or out and about where celebrities are these subtle reminders will be something you want to think about.

The Idiots guide website is also quite good for keyword research, so check out the website there too if you are struggling with the new Google keywords tool. 

As time goes by you will experience more old people when out and about and experience all types of things that will influence you decisions. One spoiler is bad breath if you think this is something that will help an Idiots Guide To Having A Good Time then check it out over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Its again another informative and hysterical entry into the archives have a read and see. 

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James Bond Was A Wimp And A Sissy

james bondWhen you actually read the new James Books you will find James is a bit of what can only be described as a sissy, similar descriptions have been made online of people who had faith in the word of Christ. Adam Lovejoy has been reading Ian Fleming James Bond books and more recent additions of the long standing popular spy novels.

From London he shares his findings about Agent 007 and humorously challenges the buzz about James Bond excitement by consumers of books and films. He takes a look at the author in todays post Ian Fleming lifestyle and the way he describes Bond in the books compared to the films. Its funny and the link is below.

No James Bond review would be complete without talking about all the actors, one popular actor here in London is Roger Moore who played the forth version of James Bond in the movies.

Roger Moore is known for having underwater flying cars, his predecessor Sean Connery came back in the nineties with a film, everyone likes Dr No the first film that Scottish Sean was in because he was portrayed as anything but a sissy.

Find out about Sean, James and Ian over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

In the real world over time of intelligence there are many books talking and trying to describe to readers who Mr Big is in various countries. Each country has a vision of the enemy and the hero. Adam shares his experience of this and these readings and shares info about the James Bond nemesis SMERSH and reveals interesting information about the real agencies behind the scenes for years pressing all the buttons.

Years ago the Soviet Union did also have Soviet military intelligence which proved itself in the Second World War, challenging the Adolf Hitler Nazis troops. Compared to James Bond, Ian Fleming fast cars, alpha males and gadgetry James Bond was a bit of a sissy. In the films he wins every fight and is very lucky even though he was a bit of a wimp and a sissy, so believers take note.
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  • Daniel Day-Lewis is writer's top pick for 'Solo' James Bond (irishcentral.com)
  • William Boyd on writing his first James Bond novel (scotsman.com)
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Conference season - hitting hacks and the energy companies - News - Telling It Like It Is - Voice of Russia UK, Voice of Russia - UK Edition

The Conference season - hitting hacks and the energy companies - News - Telling It Like It Is - Voice of Russia UK, Voice of Russia - UK Edition. Telling it like it is with Brendan Cole, broadcast today recorded in London Earlier today. Brendan Cole hosts, Alexander Nekrassov and James Whale respond with the answers. Some of the topics discussed today are Tory advisors and spin doctors, the attack in Nairobi by gangsters or as James points out people influenced or paid by gangsters who have problems with Kenya and American shopping centres.

Find out more about Syria, Iran and Syria over on the Voice of Russia where an agreed common ground is being found by two great thinkers living in the UK.


Solving Conflicts. The Less Helpers, The Merrier

kenya shopping mall solving conflictIt's not getting any easier to understand the best way of solving conflicts, especially when there are so many people with views, the less helpers and thinkers the easier it will be to make decisions. Anton Goryunov shares his thoughts from Damascus in Syria when its own government and the opposition are basically ignored by everyone, for the sake of posturing, scoring of political points and, let’s be honest about it, asset grabbing and regime change. I mean, how is it that such members of the Arab League like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Somalia and Sudan are demanding to intervene in Syria and liberate the people there from the clutches of the tyrant al-Assad? Conflicts within the borders of one nation means more countries get involved the Israeli-Palestinian conflict find the solution. Tony Blair, did a similar thing. The Balkans is another example saving the locals from ethnic cleansing conducted by the Serbs, both sides were not angels. Iraq had Saddam Hussein posed a danger to the world, a war was launched and now its split into three or more parts. Countries embracing the Arab Spring. Libya has sank into lawlessness thanks to NATO and the Arab League, and Egypt is trying to escape Islamisation. President Hosni Mubarak of the Muslim Brotherhood lost power from democracy, this will stretch out civil war. The whole idea of resolving conflicts is to let the locals find solution themselves. But in our modern times too many politicians in too many countries seem to be tempted to get involved. If only to cover up their inability to sort out things at home. (Take Prime Minister David Cameron who likes to shed a tear about innocent civilian dying in Syria. During his shift in power around the same number of pensioners died from cold in the winter, afraid to switch on the heating. Solving conflicts, the less helpers the merrier it will all be.

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How To Survive In The Age Of Austerity

age of austerityThe age of austerity is nigh, how will we ever survive, where will we go? What should do? How will we ever swerve this one. Ben Delicious in London has all the answers for you. In this article you will find out how to survive during difficult economic times. So let's be cynical and take a look at this from a point of satire. More people browse instead of shop in supermarkets and grocery stores. Can I help you, sir/madam?’ ‘No, thanks, I’m just browsing.’ they say. Yes, browsing in food stores has become huge this year. Women prefer to browse in Tesco’s than Waitrose supermarket chains. Marks & Sparks has been replaced by Morrissons. A rack of lamb or a fried Dover Sole would be wheeled in on a trolley. Restaurants would become places where only the super-rich would eat. ‘Russian oligarch has a six course dinner, with wine, and still manages to avoid bankruptcy!’ Food auctions will be held at Sotheby’s and Christie’s where astronomical prices would be paid for delicacies like Italian sausage. These are difficult times ahead the age of austerity is here and this is how to survive, do your best not to overspend.
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What’s Wrong With Modern British Comedy?

modern british comedy
Modern British Comedy has lost it's appeal, what's wrong with? Well what's right with it? Adam Lovejoy is in London reviewing the latest let's be cynical satire British comedy, despite all that supposed diversity and choice and readiness of loads of people to pay good money to go and hear stand-up routines? That giant of British comedy Billy Connolly made his whole career on swearing. There’s nothing even remotely funny about him, but he swears all the time and it works for him. And another thing that British comedians use a lot to get away with trashy material is political correctness. Yes, if they can’t get their audiences to laugh at their stuff, they go for PC in a big way and hope that they can get away with anything. And once PC becomes overwhelming in comedy, out of the window goes political satire. Yes, political satire in Britain died when Tony Blair and his New Labour commissars seized power. It was like the fuse of mainstream comedy blew the moment that creep walked into 10 Downing Street, with comedians refusing to have a go at the government and cracking jokes solely at the expense of the opposition. Do I need to tell you that the BBC has contributed a lot to the demise of comedy in Britain? OK, I’ll do that: the BBC has contributed a lot to the death of comedy in Britain. It has launched the careers of so many appalling comedians, including Ricky Gervais and James Corden and Russell Brand and that pathetic duo behind Little Britain, that it’s not really funny any more. If you think something is wrong with Modern British comedy too, and would like more satire and well let's be cynical about stand-up comedy too.

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The Fate Of The Two Drug Mules In Pery

peru drug girls prisonTed Obvious reports from Lima: Have you been worried sick, following the adventures of the two drug mules from Britain, Mellissa Reid and Michaella McCollum, who’ve been busted in Peru carrying £1.5 million worth of cocaine on the way to Spain last August?

The two young women obviously suffered a lot, having been threatened by drug dealers in Ibiza, where they were working, and ordered to fly to Peru to pick up some ‘stuff’ and bring it back. They were just two happy young women, looking for some good time, and they never imagined that they would end up under arrest, facing a long prison sentence.

So by next week the two drug mules will receive a short sentence and with luck they might be out in 3 years. And then a book deal is assured and maybe, just maybe, a film will be made about their experience and the girls will take part in Big Brother or even enter the X Factor as a singing duo, or Strictly Come Dancing. If you have no money and want to have a bit of fun and travel the world with Drug Mules who eventually get Busted.

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New UN General Assembly In Full Swing

President RouhaniThe new UN General assembly was publicly announced recently and its now in full swing.

Dan Majestic takes another look from New York at the United Nations General Assembly. The first port of call is opened by President Barack Obama then we should get a speech from Iranian President Hasan Rouhani where the talks are about the Great Satan nuclear weapons.

The US government pays a quarter of the UN budget and its nightlife are better than the nightlife is Addis Ababa. Lots of dictators are missing at the current gathering, Hosni is not there and Muammar is nowhere to be seen nor will you find Zine El Abidine Ben Ali or Yemen’s former President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

This year was not a good year for UN General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon is this not another League of Nations? Over on Stirring Trouble today you will find a questionnaire that asks three probing questions.
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Responding To Breaking News

R.F.Wilson makes a satirical response to the art of breaking news from London and Around The World.

breaking news
It always makes sense to call several people after you learn the latest breaking news and share the information with them.

     Don’t forget, knowing your breaking news and breaking it first to your friends makes you look informed, sophisticated and well connected.

     It also fills your otherwise boring day with excitement and suspense. If you feel particularly adventurous, you may actually invent your own breaking news, by calling other people and turning the most conventional stories into hot breaking news items.

     You can also exaggerate what has happened, as breaking news is often incorrect. So add those facts and figures from the top of your head, making them sound as absurd as possible, because later you can always say that the first reports were very confusing.

     But one thing is important to remember: never be ashamed of picking up breaking news items from others and then pretending that you’ve learnt it first. The big TV and radio networks actually get most of their breaking news from other news providers, like press agency wires and online websites, including social media, so it makes the whole thing open for anyone who likes to be seen informed.

Breaking news is not about news really. But why not benefit from it, making your life just a little bit more exciting? Related articles


Two Years Ago BlackBerry Was Worth $82 Billion

blackberryCompanies are always in a race to improve share prices and BlackBerry are no different to say Goldman Sachs. Today's entry takes a look at some interesting statistics raised in Canada about the subject. And takes a nostalgic look at Steve Jobs company Apple and how they raised the bar, plus some helpful tips about Facebook that will help you understand these three interesting things: Capitalism, your Mobile phone and that ingenious touchscreen on your telephone.

     Today Ben Delicious from Waterloo, Ontario, in Canada searches through the archives of BlackBerry Ltd and explains the $82 billion price of overall shares to the price it holds today.
If you have ever found yourself not understanding capitalist economy and the free economy well now is your chance. Find out what not to do in a new company.
     We hear all the time about fly by night companies and even I have found it difficult to cipher what this all means.
     If you recognise the term here today and gone tomorrow and want to find out more about Blackberry and the decisions they made and what happened then this post is for you, Ben clears a lot of stuff up in today's entry about the decline of a telecommunications company.
     He also covers the challenges a company has to overcome in order to survive. Highlighting the sharks in the industry who know what they are doing on the stock market, have an influence on the figures and will do anything to rise above the challenges companies face these days.
     Two companies highlighted are obviously Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. Another company more targeted at social media fans used is Facebook. Find out how Facebook have tried to leverage the mobile market and how joint ventures with people like Steve Jobs in the world of mobile communications was never going to happen.
     Why is this relative today, two years later?
Find out over on Stirring Trouble Internationally where Ben Delicious in his findings does his best to explain in this revealing excursion to Canada.

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Women Writers Throughout The Centuries - By Jay Ramella

janet street-porter women writersBook reviews come in thick and fast about women throughout the centuries, so you cannot imagine how refreshing it was to read today's article by Jay Ramella, she really manages to capture the essence of the best female authors and where they are coming from in their published texts.

It is a really entertaining and funny post I enjoyed reading it. I noticed an interesting citation from Emmeline Pankhurst, and a relatively shocking point made in Katharine Whitehorn books, at the time in the 1960's this would have really rocked a few peoples boat.

Fans of the Notting Hill Carnival will enjoy rummaging around the website and this engaging article from the UK is no different, in actual fact it really made me smile, it is difficult to find interesting articles these days about women through the centuries and how they have shaped the reality we experience today.

This is the stuff you would normally only read in books. Read if you have not already about authors like Veronica Papworth, Rachel Johnson and Amanda Platell. You will also find out more about Jan Moir, Janet Street Porter and Melanie Philips over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

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Democracy Has To Have A Clash Of Opinions

democracy stalinYou are about to find out why in this case democracy has to have a clash of opinions even in these staunch times of political correctness.

Wether you support Conservative or Labour Its a difficult debate to understand. This article simplifies the subject and makes some great points you can use in your essays.

Find out how Ted Obvious is simplifying the subject. This satirical and informative article was wrote in London and covers many things about democracy and unearths interesting subjects. These days Western liberal democracy changed to left-wing inside liberalised entertainment.

"It has come to a situation where anyone going against the flow, questioning the wisdom of liberalism and daring to challenge atheism, is treated like an enemy of the people"  Stalin

In today's interesting article about Political science in the 20th century history there are interesting critiques of books about Pol Pot and other dictators. Democracy is changing, have you ever thought that?

Find out how right-wing politics in Western nations are rewriting themselves. Read all about Tony Blair, socialism and New Labour in conjunction with RE (religious studies).

If this sounds like a good mix then read the links below.

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Mayor Boris Johnson: Cycling In London

boris johnson cyclingR.F.Wilson is talking about cycling in London with Mayor Boris Johnson talking about the Tory party and the new Transport in the city of cyclists pretend to be going to work and return back home after a ‘busy day’.

He comments that in Tirana capital of Albania roads are better than London's.

Read all about the new Boris bikes sponsored by Barclays Bank and the future prospects of him becoming a Tory leader.

Not everyone travel by London Underground cycle in the opposite direction of the traffic flow.

The London underworld is very grateful to Boris who, being a cyclist himself, has no idea how to get traffic moving properly in the city and fix the Underground.

The cyclist as an industry is following the McDonald's business model.
Labels: Barclays Cycle Hire, Boris Johnson, Cycling, London Underground, McDonalds, Tirana, Tory

Members Of The PC Brigade Fight It Out

david attenboroughAdam Lovejoy reports from London in an article called members of the PC brigade fight it out. The scoop today is about the BBC, Sir David Attenborough and Charles Darwin.

You will have read in recent posts about the theory of natural selection. This article by Adam Lovejoy goes into the subject a little bit more.

As you may have noticed the PC lot have been talking about natural selection for years and broadcasting on television about the theories for quite a few years now.

Phil Taylor has made a recent comment on the article this week. He spoke about a Switzerland Dignitas clinic suicide facility.

You can find out interesting reviews about the evolution myth over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. And todays article covers some interesting things about the Liberal Democrats on TV this week.
Labels: Charles Darwin, David Attenborough, Dignitas, Personal computer, Phil Taylor

Attack On A Shopping Mall In Nairobi

kenya shopping mallAnton Goryunov report about the attack on a shopping mall in Nairobi by some thugs called al Shabaab.

The conflict in Africa and the Middle East is with religious fanatics and tribal minorities.

The al Shabaaba in Somalia object to the Kenyan troops and African peacekeeping.

Read all about PM David Cameron and the Cobra committee to discuss the events in Kenya with Tony Blair about the war in Iraq and the recent attack on the London Underground at 10 Downing Street.

Read more about that attack on a Shopping Mall in Nairobi.
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Slideshare Stirring Trouble Internationally Sept 2013

Pop Songs And The Stupid Lyrics

baby baby baby

Pop songs don't half have some stupid lyrics. Ben Delicious has studied music and the lyrics for many years now in London the music capital that is churning out pop song after‘pop’ song.

Ben takes a look at the current hits and pulls apart the lyrics from his personal collections. Comparing pop music and rock music lyrics is a difficult task but Ben perseveres between Rock and Pop so you do not have to.

Find out more about what motivates music writers and get an inside look into some of the most popular lyrical writers in 2013 to understand perhaps why the lyrics are going down hill compared to how they used to be.

There are certain methods taught in the arts to guarantee hits woven into lyrics and particular syles of jungles to get your collection. You can do the same thing by going through your own personal collection and surfing through all the rubbish.

For more inspiration go over to Stirring Trouble Internationally and read Ben article where he shares his thoughts on the way the new music is going. If you like pop music over rock music you may learn something. Improving style of writing is not easy, but with a bit of effort you will be able to improve the way you go about things. If you are looking to achieve current hits, this is not something you want to miss. Have you ever thought about writing or improving your  lyrics? Perhaps your in a band and just do not know what to do. Find out how your enviroment can really hold you back. All this and more over on Stirring Trouble Internationally (see link below).
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Great Time To Be A Cop In Berlin, Brussels And The Rest Of Europe

cop in berlin                                                                                    
Its a great time to be a cop in Europe. Ted Obvious reports to London inside Berlin as to the reasons why. Also Brussels in Europe is hosting a keynote speech by Chancellor Angela Merkel and there you will get the latest and greatest news from the European Union. As you have already probably gathered this is a satirical post about politics and austerity waving around the world currently. Get the latest and greatest views from around the world via videos of street protests and the latest news in Greece. British Member of Parliament Prime Minister David Cameron has called on British people many times since being in democratic control of the UK. Especially because of the European Union, the European Central Bank and the need for tight control from within the United Nations. This post is specifically about the anti-austerity protests and the brave journalists on the ground filming all the events as they unfold.

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September 2013 News From Around The World - STi Stirring Trouble Internationally

September 2013 News From Around The World - STi Stirring Trouble Internationally


Angela Merkel And Chewing Gum

Germany is a leader in Banking economics and people look to Angela Merkel from the European Union for the news.

Adam Lovejoy responds in London about German Euro and the US dollar. The US Federal Reserve and Ben Bernakaee, read all about Singapore, China and the IOUs on natural products.

angela merkelFind out the latest change in the market on Wall Street, then disregard everything and use your own sense of judgement about the charts, graphs and candles to see where the real profit is going to be.

In today's satirical article you can read some old jokes about German Nazis, chewing gum and find out more about Angela Merkel and how she won the polls this week.

Find out more about the up and coming coalition over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. As a special bonus we have provided entertaining and informative news about Eurozone debt crisis , EU members.

Find out how games like Grand Theft Auto 5  and companies like Paddy Power are taking over the hearts and high streets, meanwhile Match Of The Day and the BBC are providing entertainment to get people out of their homes and onto the terraces.
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Larry The Cat, The Chief Mouser At Number 10

larry the catTed Obvious is in London writing a satirical and funny article about Larry the cat and all the people in that world. Read all about aviation, cars, Danny Alexander, David Cameron, gaming, George Osborne, Iain Duncan Smith, Larry, Libya, politics, Tony Blair, transportation and 10 Downing Street. Today's article is about Danny Alexander and Chancellor George Osborne too big fans of Larry The Cat.

Iain Duncan Smith Drunken Dunken father was in the RAF and is half Japanese also is a big fan of Larry The Cat. Billionaire Gordon Brown lord of the Banks of Scotland, fan of cats and very instrumental with the economy and could blow a good bagpipe around the table after dinner. At the Mansion House speech he turned up in a lounge suit was either black tie or white tie, again another big lover of Larry The Cat.

Read all about Phillip Hammond and Mrs May the home secretary over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Two more fans of Larry The Cat the chief mouser.

Read all about cutbacks to British armed forces compared to the largest Chinese and global employee. Find out three things about David Cameron and Tony Blair that really explain where the country is going. Read all about who lets Larry The Cat out at night.
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  • The Official Mouse-Catching Cat Of Britain Just Got Fired (buzzfeed.com)
  • Westminster Pest Control (pestcontrolsupermarket.wordpress.com)
  • News story: Battersea Dogs & Cats Home: David Cameron meets 1,000th volunteer (gov.uk)
  • Blair's bunker: leaked emails reveal real story of rows, abuse and threats (theguardian.com)
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English Premiership Football From London

Jose MourinhoEnglish Premiership Football From London Glance At The English Premiership Football From London Barclays Premier League. OBE French football manager Arsène_Wenger of British team Arsenal has helped them win 11 trophies in 17 seasons welcomes the intro of feeder clubs like Barnet.

He commented this afternoon at a press conference Aaron Ramsey did well and so did Mesut Ozil a few weeks ago with Germany after scoring a hat trick especially well all the players are doing on home soil.

Soccer fans of Association football (1863) and Ebenezer Morley at a Freemasons tavern will be only to aware of the laws of the game so to see more Asian football players on the field is really good.

So to see Paul nice Blackpool's manager charged by the football Association and the French Canadian League seeping into the top tables. Didier Drogba, English premiership football, football, Gareth Bale, Premier League, Roman Abramovich, soccer, strange game, Tottenham Hotspur FC and Wayne Rooney.

English premiership football results Arsene Wenger, Wayne Rooney and Tottenham Hotspurs. English premiership football latest scores John Mikel Obi after 7 years gets his first premiership goal.

English premiership football news The Aviva Premiership France and England part waves with the Heineken cup. English premiership football highlights english premiership football table Chelsea 2 Fulham 0 in week 7, Arsenal 3 Stoke City 1 final score Tottenham 1 Cardiff City 0.

English premiership football team news talkSPORT highlight a player from West Ham has come onto the US radar Terence Boyd from the Hammers has been getting a lot of attention.

English premiership football livescore Betting Directory are currently providing the latest english premier league scores so look out for that. English premiership football fixtures next week looks exciting Tottenham vs Chelsea at 12.45 and West Bromwich Albion vs Manchester United at 3.00pm Saturday 28th September 2013. Next you will read more about Chelsea  find out more about Basle,  Roman Abramovich  and Didier Drogba.

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Illegal Not To Flush In Public Toilets And Paper Shortage In Venezuela

public toilets demonstrationPublic toilets, one place you do not want an upset stomach is in Venezeula because there is currently an acute shortage of toilet paper.

Adam Lovejoy is in London comparing the two contrasting problems. For example here in the UK we have different problems, ones worth debating about are mentioned in todays post about having a human right to use as much water as you need in the bathroom.

This is a popular discussion on television from the left, who have moved from toilet jokes to highlighting other things rather than talk about important issues. The flushing the chain debate is becoming an entertaining debate on TV for supporters of the left.

The question asked to Muslim women was about waste water. The left were just interfering with the debate about wearing a veil. You can see the French influence in all these debates.

50 years ago the problem was much lower in Britain, the statistics republished this week have been the start of the debate. However the trouble in Venezeula is a far more interesting angle to address real global issues. Although looking away from home it gives people a better understanding of the real problems ahead, rather than speculate and sell out everything that makes Britain proud of what it has achieved, can you see the message? What do you think? Leave your own comments below.

In summary things have changed to the stats of 50 years ago gathered in North England  and whilst Britain suffered from blocked basins and chemical toilets, the paper problem in Venezuela is far more serious. Whilst we here in Britain debate about flushing have a comedy store tone the reality is in Venezuela the law making is not just a flush in public toilets joke but one of the most importance and that is a lack of paper and a real universal problem with drains.

Who Supports Labour?

Labour is dangerous for the economy

Labour supporters are hard to figure about, especially at a Lib Dem conference. Ben Delicious reports from Brighton
Con dems and city tax news on the BBC about bedroom tax and British propaganda is seeping back into the British bed. 

People are asking questions about the symbolism of what is happening with David Cameron and George Osborne unity.

The socialist party had people innit trying to make life easier for people, what has happened is the representatives have taken over the nest.

They have moved so far left it is difficult to distinguish who they originally wanted to be. The identity of the country has changed and the House of Lords original manifesto's have crossed so far across the line it is totally unacceptable.

How can you be a Liberal Democrats the title itself is ridiculous. The Gladstone values have been destroyed by the unity together. 

Many of these politicians signed up have experienced bad things that they think you should know about so the war in Iraq was like a breath of fresh air.

Parents experienced hardship in camps during the war. Its the silk purse and cows ear principle. The national progression of socialism came from the German Nazis believing they are god rather than believing in god.

How the French communists did things was very harsh. If you did not like what they were saying they would simply kill you.

Granted it is very difficult during hard times and people snuggle together as we see with Ed Miliband and Ed Balls. the Shadow Chancellor and the home of Jack Straw a man of Straw and before that the one eyed monster Gordon Brown who could not see the whole of the ballot sheet, blind in one eye.

The party has considered extenuating circumstances and perhaps because of this we now all live in extenuating circumstances ourselves.
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Things Women Watch For In Men

men and women in restaurantWomen watch for things in men, I know this sounds general term so lets look a bit closer into it. R.F. Wilson is in London explaining what women seek in men.

They watch for these things in men closer than what you might think, so if you are interested and would like to know more read on, because you are about to read details that no one else will tell you on the Internet.

They usually lie about themselves, tend to carry exotic STDs and might be bonkers. Or bankers, which is even worse. In todays article you will read N12 things to watch out for about women watching out for things in me. One of them is manhoods and it's not what you think. The tone of this article is a humorous take away of things that women should watch out for in men. Knowing is knowledge, knowing is beating half the problem, women take note, its time to take your power back over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.
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BBC Director General Tony Hall Mark Thompson And Tony Blair

mark thompson and tony blairBBC Director general, Tony Hall and Tony Blair are mentioned in todays letter by Alexander Nekrassov. From London Alexander Nekrassov is talking about BBC Director General, Tony Hall Mark Thompson and Tony Blair.

There is also interesting information used about New York and the New York Times in this weeks letter submitted to the world about the BBC. George Orwell from the New Broadcasting House. Read all about the  TV channels ,  Radio 5 Live, Tony Blair and freelance journalism.

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US Federal Reserve Central Bank Dodgy Money Men

Ben BernankeThe US Fed is a central bank situated where dodgy men started out. They cleared the area making it more desirable for people with money to move in and rent properties and shops to pay the high rent.

Dan Majestic is in New York chatting about the US Federal Reserve. Ben Bernanke buying up US government’s IOUs on behalf of the US government.

Wall Street the US national debt and add at least 10 points to the official rate of inflation in America, which in turn means that millions of people have their savings decrease every day, because the rate on savings accounts is lower than that of the inflation.

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Underwear Worn Under

Underwear is what you need on a chilly Autumn wearing it over or having it all out is wrong but not worth pointing fingers at people about what they do when out on an night out.

underwearBen Delicious is in Milan talking about underpants, bikini, brief, lingerie, underclothes, undergarment, underpants, undies and intimate things.

The London Fashion designers came out with some interesting garments worn in a certain way. Ben has examined the clothes and reacts to the recent things he has been seeing out and about in London. Is it a new fad to form a new look. Using a new mode to model. At the show there are many  patterns emerging to shape the fashion industry.

The thing is this news could change the tone of traditional night dress. The trend has been changing and the appearance is creating all kinds of problems. It is the kind out thing where everyone consciously or unconsciously are getting on the bandwagon calling it chic, creating an unusual configuration and the convention is changing. The craze now is making people cry. Its close to cultism, the cultus  or custom gothic dress of girls with a  cut figure and a certain furor covered in the latest line  of make up.

The newest mold is all the rage and the usage is taking vogue to a new level. People wearing underwear on top of garments, thinking they are dernier stretching on the new faddism , the newest wrinkle and they call these fashion trends?

Read all about new footwear in the city, going out clubbing in flip flops, going out to the street carnival with unusual underwear showing in the hope that someone will notice and have a normal conversation with you.
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  • Chrissy Teigen Refuses To Wear Underwear: Watch Her Explaination (hollywoodlife.com)
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Current-events And Plebgate Politics From The Sun

Andrew Mitchell has been waiting for ages about what is actually happening with Plebgate. In today's article for the first time since the investigation began you can get a simple explanation. This post is about aviation from a Conservative Chief Whip and includes the most recent current-events coming in from Downing Street about Libya and the Plebgate party politics. You get a couple of angles in today's article, one is for Scotland Yard and the other from the tabloid Sun papers points of view. Each side try's to tackle problems with transportation and sprinkled into today's post is more complaints about violent video games.
Andrew Mitchell

Ted Obvious is in London examining the case being made against the Tory Chief Whip and his counter cabinet member Andrew Mitchell. Allegedly there was some trouble outside 10 Downing Street and information is being gathered and is now in the hands of Scotland Yard.

Labour are on the look out for things to throw at the conservatives party. Some source thinks it's another criminal conspiracy. Find out what we know about Andrew Mitchell, aviation and the Conservative Chief Whip to help understand the pattern emerging in current-events. And with what we now know about Downing Street and Libya you can finally start to get to the bottom of Plebgate and how that is all going.

Keep track of what is happening in politics and get the latest scoops from Scotland Yard and the Sun about transportation news and latest video games that are disturbing people.

The cops who guard 10 Downing Street may also be up all night guarding news about the The Sun newspaper and the Plebgate investigative inquiry. Read more on the scoop below, I have provided some helpful links and quotes to help you understand more before you read the article in full.

10 Downing Street Credit Card: Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Nick Clegg Talk’s About Tuition Payments

News from 10 Downing Street, news about a new credit card as the current-events unfold Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom keeps a brave face about education and free booze in Glasgow. The Liberal Democrats have Nick Clegg explaining how politics are going to be in the UK. He covers same sex marriage and finally puts the old cliche to bed that "There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch" or tuition payments regardless of where you live in Britain.

nick clegg party conference

Thomas Mathew explores Glasgow where there is no such thing as a free lunch there. Thomas takes a cynical look at Lib Dems broadcasted speech by Nick Clegg first shown on the BBC Liberal Democrat Deputy Prime Minister hour. In the speech he clearly explained the new tuition fees and how despite the rise it has boosted the economy and created a better future for kids for the next three years or so.

The message has been approved from 10 Downing Street and as you will remember kids at school for two years will get free dinners just like they did years ago. Jamie Oliver will be well pleased, he has a new book out on cheap lunches and living on a budget using utensils that will cost a lot to buy now adays.

10 Downing Street has also approved your new Credit Card and this is becoming more and more of what we see advertised between current-events in the news, online advertising and the Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom spoke about that too.

The main rule of thumb for people living in the UK need to know is that education and free booze don't mix even in Glasgow where the politicians are partial to the odd liberal democrat leader. The Liberal Democrats have excelled themselves and  Nick Clegg does exceedingly well with his politics about same sex marriage, post offices and his point about "There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch" will be of particular interest to anyone who wants to know the latest updates about tuition payments fees.

American Movie, Crime, Grand Theft Auto V, Martin Scorsese, Poor backgrounds, Quentin Tarantino, Video And Violent Computer Games

The reality American Movie unfolds as crime continues to make the headlines this week. Meanwhile behind the scenes Grand Theft Auto, grand theft auto 5,  Grand Theft Auto V however you describe it continues to make the top 5 selling games. You see America is famous for action movie directors like Martin Scorsese who choose heart wrenching stories about people from poor backgrounds who manage to do really well in the hood and climb out of a life of crime.

Then there is Quentin Tarantino who thinks in terms of making violent films that can also make a good Video game.

hoodsViolent computer games could well be a catalyst for these spring of murders and shootings we have read about recently. Dan Majestic is in Hollywood to find out everything you need to know and more.

He looks at cop killers, violent movies converted for Xbox, and talks to hot chicks on the Boulevard about what they think is attractive in men.

In todays article over on Stirring Trouble Internationally read all about the American movie stars who are ready to do any part and play the baddy instead of the goodie, all in the Call Of Duty, all they have to do, and I know this sounds like an episode of Mission Impossible is turn up on the day, dressed to kill.

You have seen one American soap about criminals, you have seen them all, god knows why people go back and buy newer versions of video games they have played a million times before. Anyone who has taken time out and studied an American Movie thriller carefully they will know it has lots of crime in the story and the writers have usually done their research. But where does this research come from other than the street.

As a matter of fact as you will find out Grand Theft Auto was the same thing. Martin Scorsese knew about this years ago. The best people to talk to without a shadow of a doubt is speak like Jerry Springer does to people of poor backgrounds and get them in the studio to fight and pull hair. IT is the most therapeutic thing an American could do right?

Well Quentin Tarantino seems to think so, you only have to watch a video to understand where all these violent computer games come from. It's the same chain of events that is making people go crazy, pick up guns and go out after obtaining and loading on a mad killing spree and should cops have to put up with all this nonsense, no. Below is a helpful link.


Would You Behave If A Book Was Written About You?

Ted Obvious is in London taking a cynical look at publishing and puts the clock forward in a series of events describing how becoming popular thanks to a book can be more trouble than its worth. In this interesting article there are some virtual points made about everyone having a book wrote about then, he creates the question "Imagine thinking after you kick the bucket a book is wrote" this in essence is true an obituary is often made and a speech needs to occur but by thinking a book will be wrote what do you want to be in that book. What have you done that is interesting, what kind of things would you like included in your book of choice. Don't go down without trying the recommendations of today's article.

The think sheet comes when you look at the future. Imagine this you have Trouble because you can no longer use the Tube and trains because of all those raving fans so when you write a book and create a life avoid any sensationalism. So are you excited about your Book written all about you? Lean in listen to your own story and how it unfolds in life and on the page.


The Autobiography of Supertramp
“What really knocks me out is a book that, when you're all done reading it, you wish the author that wrote it was a terrific friend of yours and you could call him up on the phone whenever you felt like it. That doesn't happen much, though.” Salinger, 'The Catcher in the Rye' 
“There are books of which the backs and covers are by far the best parts.” Dickens, 'Oliver Twist'
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