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Comedy In America How To Shield Obama 

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jon stewart and obamaBertie Thrustworthy reports from New York defining and help you navigate around the different comedians out there, comedians and satirists in  US of A. Comedy in America is shielding President Barack Obama. The shows worth noting are Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert , Jay Leno shows telling jokes about the Nobel Peace Prize winner. In addition read about satirical talks with Senator John McCain and Lindsey Graham to understand the entertainment variables during talks of war. In todays article you can read about the Internal Revenue Service and the IRS support for comedians who fail, find out more about Seth MacFarlane and what exactly Bertie means over on Stirring Trouble Internationally another article that will be rotating around the comedy and entertainment circuit for most of this year.

Superhero For Change, Political Correctness 

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superhero  A new Superhero ? Dan Majestic writes from New York defining the superhero for change he thinks the world should see. In this article there is an interesting angles pointed out about  political correctness of superheroesIQs of these characters to save the heroes already documented likeBatman, Superman and Superwomen, cartoon movie characters rather than real life people who do good challenging the world around them in what they see and how they interpret what is going on. Instead of correctly plugging the New Avengers film coming out soon Dan takes a look at Fantastic Four and compares their story with the Chinese Communist Party. If you have ever read about the Politically Incorrect then try and imagine what Dan calls a real superhero with these powers, a hero who understands Alternative Medicine who is ready to save the day rather than just make a profit out of people. You can read the full article over on Stirring Trouble Internationally its informative for understanding the world we live in.

G20 Summit And More Syria

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SummitAndMoreSyriaobama g20 summitandmoresyria russia Anton Goryunov reports from St Petersburg, the US banks President Barack Obama, Congress, Syria and speeches by the British Prime Minister, David Cameron. The PM Cameron responded to a comment about Britain being a ‘small island’. The UK has been getting a lot of stick ever since Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.