Pop Songs And The Stupid Lyrics

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Pop songs don't half have some stupid lyrics. Ben Delicious has studied music and the lyrics for many years now in London the music capital that is churning out pop song after‘pop’ song.

Ben takes a look at the current hits and pulls apart the lyrics from his personal collections. Comparing pop music and rock music lyrics is a difficult task but Ben perseveres between Rock and Pop so you do not have to.

Find out more about what motivates music writers and get an inside look into some of the most popular lyrical writers in 2013 to understand perhaps why the lyrics are going down hill compared to how they used to be.

There are certain methods taught in the arts to guarantee hits woven into lyrics and particular syles of jungles to get your collection. You can do the same thing by going through your own personal collection and surfing through all the rubbish.

For more inspiration go over to Stirring Trouble Internationally and read Ben article where he shares his thoughts on the way the new music is going. If you like pop music over rock music you may learn something. Improving style of writing is not easy, but with a bit of effort you will be able to improve the way you go about things. If you are looking to achieve current hits, this is not something you want to miss. Have you ever thought about writing or improving your  lyrics? Perhaps your in a band and just do not know what to do. Find out how your enviroment can really hold you back. All this and more over on Stirring Trouble Internationally (see link below).
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