James Bond Was A Wimp And A Sissy

james bondWhen you actually read the new James Books you will find James is a bit of what can only be described as a sissy, similar descriptions have been made online of people who had faith in the word of Christ. Adam Lovejoy has been reading Ian Fleming James Bond books and more recent additions of the long standing popular spy novels.

From London he shares his findings about Agent 007 and humorously challenges the buzz about James Bond excitement by consumers of books and films. He takes a look at the author in todays post Ian Fleming lifestyle and the way he describes Bond in the books compared to the films. Its funny and the link is below.

No James Bond review would be complete without talking about all the actors, one popular actor here in London is Roger Moore who played the forth version of James Bond in the movies.

Roger Moore is known for having underwater flying cars, his predecessor Sean Connery came back in the nineties with a film, everyone likes Dr No the first film that Scottish Sean was in because he was portrayed as anything but a sissy.

Find out about Sean, James and Ian over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

In the real world over time of intelligence there are many books talking and trying to describe to readers who Mr Big is in various countries. Each country has a vision of the enemy and the hero. Adam shares his experience of this and these readings and shares info about the James Bond nemesis SMERSH and reveals interesting information about the real agencies behind the scenes for years pressing all the buttons.

Years ago the Soviet Union did also have Soviet military intelligence which proved itself in the Second World War, challenging the Adolf Hitler Nazis troops. Compared to James Bond, Ian Fleming fast cars, alpha males and gadgetry James Bond was a bit of a sissy. In the films he wins every fight and is very lucky even though he was a bit of a wimp and a sissy, so believers take note.
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