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Todays entry is about political incorrectness.
This is a satirical entry about freedom of expression in a world of warcraft practising German Nazism lacking in any real sign of hope, what ever happened to the badge of Heterosexuality? 
If you are a fan of Humour and curious about what Liberal democracy is then this post is something worth reading. 

There has been a recent splurge of opposition on major religions that are challenging the Minority group and the report about Nazism in the underworld of Political correctness is questioning normal peoples religious orientation. Why when we know Soviet communism does not work and what we know about State ideology of the 'Soviet Union' today are white people becoming the blame of these jokes? 

Find out in todays satirical article, the fact is Russia has developed and adapted to align itself with the worlds maze of possibilities and is taking a stand in the world, creating in a way a badge that is no longer proudly worn and should be. 

Adam Lovejoy a Russian living in London takes a look into the PC world and offers a list of future minority group reports about the mixup and brings attention to understanding multiculturalism instead of what a large proportion of people he calls the looney lefts, politically correct conformists who allow strange things to happen and overrun the world in the first place. 

Political comedy has been in the news this week and on the wireless. Political journalists have had a clash of opinions with the minority of white heterosexual males or females on the online comedy circuit critiquing politicians is the strangest of ways. Even the right-wing conservative views have changed and are moving to different resolutions. 

Like political journalists the topic of white people , straight people, acts of Soviet communism and German Nazism are being brushed under the carpet and forgotten about. The noise from these sympathies for politicians, bankers and other sectors is being undermined by a nostalgic reminder of comedians of the past. What seems to start out as humorous and politically incorrect seems to turn into something more of a reflection of the sinister world we live in today. Hard times and triple dip recessions are very hard, the workplace becomes a hornets nest, turn on the television set and you will see the same thing. The admiration and protection of anyone challenging the decay of society are seen as the enemy which is very sad to see.

Read this article and find out why over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

The freedom of expression is an important thing. The world is using the same things best forgotten like German nazism and there is a world of gay mafia who seek to crumble the world of heterosexuality. The world of camp humour has been lost and replaced with challenging supportive forces to keep everyone churning away and confused. The Liberal democracy have taken the role of speaking to all major religions in the country but the damage has already been done to the normal minority group. 

This is a form of 1930's Nazism and although you might not know it wether Political correctness is your thing or your Politically Incorrect its much better than talking about paper clips. Avoiding any religious orientation in society is a form of soviet communism which eventually crumbled. Russia has grown into a new State ideology outside of the popular Marxism we see these days from the looney left, the gay mafia workforce and the actively blind representations of the Soviet Union. 

The white people getting involved and defending everything are becoming the butt of the jokes, actively involved in a world where the bigger picture is not quite clear. Trust Stirring Trouble Internationally to clear up the mess, it's time to wear that badge like you would if you or someone you know had breast cancer, rather than get confused with the pride and prejudice.

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