How To Survive In The Age Of Austerity

age of austerityThe age of austerity is nigh, how will we ever survive, where will we go? What should do? How will we ever swerve this one. Ben Delicious in London has all the answers for you. In this article you will find out how to survive during difficult economic times. So let's be cynical and take a look at this from a point of satire. More people browse instead of shop in supermarkets and grocery stores. Can I help you, sir/madam?’ ‘No, thanks, I’m just browsing.’ they say. Yes, browsing in food stores has become huge this year. Women prefer to browse in Tesco’s than Waitrose supermarket chains. Marks & Sparks has been replaced by Morrissons. A rack of lamb or a fried Dover Sole would be wheeled in on a trolley. Restaurants would become places where only the super-rich would eat. ‘Russian oligarch has a six course dinner, with wine, and still manages to avoid bankruptcy!’ Food auctions will be held at Sotheby’s and Christie’s where astronomical prices would be paid for delicacies like Italian sausage. These are difficult times ahead the age of austerity is here and this is how to survive, do your best not to overspend.
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