Solving Conflicts. The Less Helpers, The Merrier

kenya shopping mall solving conflictIt's not getting any easier to understand the best way of solving conflicts, especially when there are so many people with views, the less helpers and thinkers the easier it will be to make decisions. Anton Goryunov shares his thoughts from Damascus in Syria when its own government and the opposition are basically ignored by everyone, for the sake of posturing, scoring of political points and, let’s be honest about it, asset grabbing and regime change. I mean, how is it that such members of the Arab League like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Somalia and Sudan are demanding to intervene in Syria and liberate the people there from the clutches of the tyrant al-Assad? Conflicts within the borders of one nation means more countries get involved the Israeli-Palestinian conflict find the solution. Tony Blair, did a similar thing. The Balkans is another example saving the locals from ethnic cleansing conducted by the Serbs, both sides were not angels. Iraq had Saddam Hussein posed a danger to the world, a war was launched and now its split into three or more parts. Countries embracing the Arab Spring. Libya has sank into lawlessness thanks to NATO and the Arab League, and Egypt is trying to escape Islamisation. President Hosni Mubarak of the Muslim Brotherhood lost power from democracy, this will stretch out civil war. The whole idea of resolving conflicts is to let the locals find solution themselves. But in our modern times too many politicians in too many countries seem to be tempted to get involved. If only to cover up their inability to sort out things at home. (Take Prime Minister David Cameron who likes to shed a tear about innocent civilian dying in Syria. During his shift in power around the same number of pensioners died from cold in the winter, afraid to switch on the heating. Solving conflicts, the less helpers the merrier it will all be.

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