Treating Self-Proclaimed ‘Terrorists’ As Common Criminals?

lee rigby killers terrorism
Treating the adebowale couple for hatred crimes against the British Army for singling out a british soldier Lee Rigby and then to murder him for wearing a help the heroes t-shirt is slightly wrong. You see to call them muslim terrorists is wrong. The trail down the Old Bailey begins in November for the heinous crimes that happened in south east london. Terrorism is a terrible subject and to link these savages or use the war in afghanistan (2001–present) as a way of justifying what happened in Woolwich is wrong too, these two guys are just cold blooded murdering thugs who need to be dealt with swiftly and appropriately.

The 'adebowale bunch' have declared to the world knowing what they had to say to the British Army after they slaughtered the british soldier Lee Rigby in front of local citizens and passers by. To cry Murder and claim to be muslim terrorists as the Old Bailey will find out is a disgrace to peaceful Muslims and real probably offensive to real muslim terrorists in there. The south east london will testify that these two punks have no link with terrorism in the name of the war in afghanistan. The words of War in Afghanistan (2001–present) on camera in Woolwich is something the courts will look at and merely be used to punish them in the appropriate way. Read Ben's article over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

Ben Delicious in London prepares you for the Drummer Lee Rigby murder trial in the Old Bailey. The defence are using the ‘terrorists’, card to protect these two crazy thugs. The Woolwich army barracks are right to be up in arms about the death of a British soldier though the two thugs trial should not be hindered in this way all the footage is on Youtube of them covered in blood. It is understandable for the military barracks to want to know if this is actually anything to do with the war in Afghanistan though what they will not be considering is the way Muslim terrorists are treated in a normal prison.
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