Democracy Has To Have A Clash Of Opinions

democracy stalinYou are about to find out why in this case democracy has to have a clash of opinions even in these staunch times of political correctness.

Wether you support Conservative or Labour Its a difficult debate to understand. This article simplifies the subject and makes some great points you can use in your essays.

Find out how Ted Obvious is simplifying the subject. This satirical and informative article was wrote in London and covers many things about democracy and unearths interesting subjects. These days Western liberal democracy changed to left-wing inside liberalised entertainment.

"It has come to a situation where anyone going against the flow, questioning the wisdom of liberalism and daring to challenge atheism, is treated like an enemy of the people"  Stalin

In today's interesting article about Political science in the 20th century history there are interesting critiques of books about Pol Pot and other dictators. Democracy is changing, have you ever thought that?

Find out how right-wing politics in Western nations are rewriting themselves. Read all about Tony Blair, socialism and New Labour in conjunction with RE (religious studies).

If this sounds like a good mix then read the links below.

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