Great Time To Be A Cop In Berlin, Brussels And The Rest Of Europe

cop in berlin                                                                                    
Its a great time to be a cop in Europe. Ted Obvious reports to London inside Berlin as to the reasons why. Also Brussels in Europe is hosting a keynote speech by Chancellor Angela Merkel and there you will get the latest and greatest news from the European Union. As you have already probably gathered this is a satirical post about politics and austerity waving around the world currently. Get the latest and greatest views from around the world via videos of street protests and the latest news in Greece. British Member of Parliament Prime Minister David Cameron has called on British people many times since being in democratic control of the UK. Especially because of the European Union, the European Central Bank and the need for tight control from within the United Nations. This post is specifically about the anti-austerity protests and the brave journalists on the ground filming all the events as they unfold.

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