BBC Big Wigs And Members Of Parliament

BBC Big Wigs And Members Of Parliamentplaying out a farce
BBC big wigs do it again and the members of Parliament have taken notes. Thomas Mathew's report from London about news filtering into the British parliament desk via the BBC big wig insiders. Find out the massive justified payments agreed by the Commons Public Accounts Committee and read more about the squabbling going on behind the scenes. Read also about Jenny Abramsky and the British Broadcasting Company payoff system. Its a state owned Corporation, though you would not think so judging by the amount of public relations Labour party promotions, its little wonder people say they like the ads more than the shows on rival channels like ITV. The two Mark's Mark Byford and Marky Mark Thompson from the USA juggling similar roles moving money from one account to another bleeding the company of all its resources. New Broadcasting House has been doing a similar thing for about eight years, find out how the chairman of the Beeb has been rubbing shoulders with Hong Kong for a similar amount of time. Time out why over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Mathew Thomas strengthens this stupidity watch by revealing some interesting information about Margaret  Hodge who is a go to medium between BBC Big Wigs And Members Of Parliament