Two Years Ago BlackBerry Was Worth $82 Billion

blackberryCompanies are always in a race to improve share prices and BlackBerry are no different to say Goldman Sachs. Today's entry takes a look at some interesting statistics raised in Canada about the subject. And takes a nostalgic look at Steve Jobs company Apple and how they raised the bar, plus some helpful tips about Facebook that will help you understand these three interesting things: Capitalism, your Mobile phone and that ingenious touchscreen on your telephone.

     Today Ben Delicious from Waterloo, Ontario, in Canada searches through the archives of BlackBerry Ltd and explains the $82 billion price of overall shares to the price it holds today.
If you have ever found yourself not understanding capitalist economy and the free economy well now is your chance. Find out what not to do in a new company.
     We hear all the time about fly by night companies and even I have found it difficult to cipher what this all means.
     If you recognise the term here today and gone tomorrow and want to find out more about Blackberry and the decisions they made and what happened then this post is for you, Ben clears a lot of stuff up in today's entry about the decline of a telecommunications company.
     He also covers the challenges a company has to overcome in order to survive. Highlighting the sharks in the industry who know what they are doing on the stock market, have an influence on the figures and will do anything to rise above the challenges companies face these days.
     Two companies highlighted are obviously Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. Another company more targeted at social media fans used is Facebook. Find out how Facebook have tried to leverage the mobile market and how joint ventures with people like Steve Jobs in the world of mobile communications was never going to happen.
     Why is this relative today, two years later?
Find out over on Stirring Trouble Internationally where Ben Delicious in his findings does his best to explain in this revealing excursion to Canada.

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