Science Sucks

English: They're at it again. No sooner have t... The best way to find out how science sucks is take a visit to the science museums around the city not sit at home and play video games. From London to Mars you will find artifacts of science and new extensions like mobile phones give primordial man a short light that help to go that extra mile, modern inventors and engineering have made things so easy doing stuff has become very easy and new lighting standards.
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The UK's largest public invention expo returns again to prove science does not suck in the latter half of October 2013 at the Barbican Exhibition Centre where self nominated inventors will show up and pitch their ideas the entertaining dragons. British Inventors will be there and invention ideas at the exhibition are there to show innovation and make and invent something that has not already been invented. Inventing now has been taken over from original thought of the architect to squeezing the author lemon.

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The builder is said to be a creator but behind all the designers are the destroyers of the original architecture. This digs up and destroys the original founder and the foundations are replaced by the innovator maker, the crass coiner constantly being an experimenter not acknowledging the father fuelled by virtuoso and gaming ideology.

plate inset from scan of a reprint of adaptati... And the argument is propped up with the ancient Greeks myths about change that promote overcoming the nightmares that come from change. To make something worth while there must be a purpose.

The creaky early few were free of any distractions other than word of mouth and addressing problems as and when they come up. Technology has provided us miles on lot of mileage people become moth-eaten obsolete and the distraction free thought is depicted as an old goat, older and out-of-date unable to deal with all the influx of information.

full plate from scan of a reprint of adaptatio...Gamers think in out  moded primal ways, and the narratives promote primeval myths. The games give abilities to create a selection of primordial super powers to the experienced these powers will appear rusty and superannuated. So is science really worse for wear and is it still a process created by original thought with so many compelling and confusing motivators. Which leads me onto the next reason why science sucks, when you get two sides of the story. One year they give out energy saving light bulbs and call it energy conservation and environmental protection. Ralph Baer in the video originally at the forefront of the creation of video games. Video games and handheld devices need a lot of light bulbs , unlike incandescent light-bulbs they have nothing to do with the reduction of mercury.

Dr. Seuss' Hejji (April 7, 1935). To see this ...Driving a car with internal combustion engines is good when going flat the natural gas and electric engines will create new problems and gas-diesel from boats and hybrid engines based on genetic engineering all add the scientific confusion. To gamers these realities are not understood. The gamers making profit invest in the destruction of perfectly good roads, replacing tarmac with cheaper softer tarmac and expect everyone to wait at the lights for them, as they stand around watching one man play.

It seems the problem lies with the fact Modern science sucks even though we can stay up longer and stay in touch from anywhere and have options to travel in the most efficient way possible we are still influenced by the same people who profit from the pockets in science that the world has not had chance to process and understand. Think About It, Science Sucks if it was not for science museums and science physical books how would anyone have time to take a break and digest the points.
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