What’s Wrong With Modern British Comedy?

modern british comedy
Modern British Comedy has lost it's appeal, what's wrong with? Well what's right with it? Adam Lovejoy is in London reviewing the latest let's be cynical satire British comedy, despite all that supposed diversity and choice and readiness of loads of people to pay good money to go and hear stand-up routines? That giant of British comedy Billy Connolly made his whole career on swearing. There’s nothing even remotely funny about him, but he swears all the time and it works for him. And another thing that British comedians use a lot to get away with trashy material is political correctness. Yes, if they can’t get their audiences to laugh at their stuff, they go for PC in a big way and hope that they can get away with anything. And once PC becomes overwhelming in comedy, out of the window goes political satire. Yes, political satire in Britain died when Tony Blair and his New Labour commissars seized power. It was like the fuse of mainstream comedy blew the moment that creep walked into 10 Downing Street, with comedians refusing to have a go at the government and cracking jokes solely at the expense of the opposition. Do I need to tell you that the BBC has contributed a lot to the demise of comedy in Britain? OK, I’ll do that: the BBC has contributed a lot to the death of comedy in Britain. It has launched the careers of so many appalling comedians, including Ricky Gervais and James Corden and Russell Brand and that pathetic duo behind Little Britain, that it’s not really funny any more. If you think something is wrong with Modern British comedy too, and would like more satire and well let's be cynical about stand-up comedy too.

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