Angela Merkel And Chewing Gum

Germany is a leader in Banking economics and people look to Angela Merkel from the European Union for the news.

Adam Lovejoy responds in London about German Euro and the US dollar. The US Federal Reserve and Ben Bernakaee, read all about Singapore, China and the IOUs on natural products.

angela merkelFind out the latest change in the market on Wall Street, then disregard everything and use your own sense of judgement about the charts, graphs and candles to see where the real profit is going to be.

In today's satirical article you can read some old jokes about German Nazis, chewing gum and find out more about Angela Merkel and how she won the polls this week.

Find out more about the up and coming coalition over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. As a special bonus we have provided entertaining and informative news about Eurozone debt crisis , EU members.

Find out how games like Grand Theft Auto 5  and companies like Paddy Power are taking over the hearts and high streets, meanwhile Match Of The Day and the BBC are providing entertainment to get people out of their homes and onto the terraces.
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