Global Warming, Iran’s Nuclear Programme, White Widow And Banker’s Bonuses

global warmingGlobal warming and nuclear programmes around the world are proving to be a bit of a problem. Adam Lovejoy an investigative journalist reports from London about all this and more including new news about bankers bonuses. The man-made global warming con continues. Find out what the International Panel on Climate Change are doing for the United Nations over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. There you will find in depth news about Iran's nuclear program, climate change and the latest responses to speeches from US President Barack Obama and other popular political figures in the United States. Around the world global news is flowing from Iran as much as it is in the US. The world of intelligence and fears of terrorism and environmental fears are set in stone. Examing individual local tragedies is another important part of reminding us what can happen without having this awareness. So with that said if you are interested in world news read all about Samantha Lewthwaite the White Widow of Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi this is the latest terrorist attack to learn from. If you live in London and want to know more about Sams background and curious about her relationship with Jermaine Lindsay and husband who paid a cruel visit to London Underground a few years ago. People watching out for terrorism will be shocked though not surprised by the connections to these two basket cases that have shocked people around the world.

george osborne bankersCloser to home here in the UK Chancellor George Osborne has announced some things and the chances are the Global Warming, Iran’s Nuclear Programme, and the White Widow will give food for thought but not help the Banker’s Bonuses experience of inflation. When you look at both side of the figures and able to balance the figures you will get a better understanding financial ramifications of all these subjects. Please go over and have a read, with that said try and leave some intelligent comments. No time wasters!