2013 The New 1939. Bankers Write Off Trillions Push For War

the three amigos2013 the new 1939Dan Majestic is in Wall Street talking about how 2013 is the new 1939 in regards to the banking systems thinking. Over on Stirring Trouble Internationally you can read all about the three Amigos. A satirical post about a US President Barack Obama, a UK PM and Frances input. Read all about the Russian President, Vladimir Putin and get the latest info on whats being said by Vice President Joe Biden about things and what George Bush Junior thinks about what the senator must be thinking right now. Read all about the Three Amigo's ready to strike whilst the iron is still hot as David Cameron and Tony Blair talk behind the scenes. Its just like one of those Adolf Hitler promotional video's you see littered all over Youtube and now the French PM Hollande is also getting wind of what is happening about the up and coming Syrian civil war.