American Movie, Crime, Grand Theft Auto V, Martin Scorsese, Poor backgrounds, Quentin Tarantino, Video And Violent Computer Games

The reality American Movie unfolds as crime continues to make the headlines this week. Meanwhile behind the scenes Grand Theft Auto, grand theft auto 5,  Grand Theft Auto V however you describe it continues to make the top 5 selling games. You see America is famous for action movie directors like Martin Scorsese who choose heart wrenching stories about people from poor backgrounds who manage to do really well in the hood and climb out of a life of crime.

Then there is Quentin Tarantino who thinks in terms of making violent films that can also make a good Video game.

hoodsViolent computer games could well be a catalyst for these spring of murders and shootings we have read about recently. Dan Majestic is in Hollywood to find out everything you need to know and more.

He looks at cop killers, violent movies converted for Xbox, and talks to hot chicks on the Boulevard about what they think is attractive in men.

In todays article over on Stirring Trouble Internationally read all about the American movie stars who are ready to do any part and play the baddy instead of the goodie, all in the Call Of Duty, all they have to do, and I know this sounds like an episode of Mission Impossible is turn up on the day, dressed to kill.

You have seen one American soap about criminals, you have seen them all, god knows why people go back and buy newer versions of video games they have played a million times before. Anyone who has taken time out and studied an American Movie thriller carefully they will know it has lots of crime in the story and the writers have usually done their research. But where does this research come from other than the street.

As a matter of fact as you will find out Grand Theft Auto was the same thing. Martin Scorsese knew about this years ago. The best people to talk to without a shadow of a doubt is speak like Jerry Springer does to people of poor backgrounds and get them in the studio to fight and pull hair. IT is the most therapeutic thing an American could do right?

Well Quentin Tarantino seems to think so, you only have to watch a video to understand where all these violent computer games come from. It's the same chain of events that is making people go crazy, pick up guns and go out after obtaining and loading on a mad killing spree and should cops have to put up with all this nonsense, no. Below is a helpful link.